How to make Android phone Battery last longer when Roaming

No matter which Android Phone you pick up, the battery life is always a problem. Even worse, I have noticed that the battery drain is even higher when you are on roaming i.e. when you leave your home network, and travel to another city or country. This is why the OEM’s have built Fast Charging option so at least you can quickly charge when low on charge.

Make Android phone Battery last longer

The primary reason the battery drain in this situation is higher as the network switch is higher, and with lots of apps running in the background consuming mobile data, it becomes worse. In this post, I am sharing my tips on how you can reduce battery drain when on roaming by controlling the background process, and use what you must use.

Note: It is possible that depending on your phone, the settings will be located differently.

Disable Mobile data access when on Roaming

  • Open Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile Data > Networked Apps.
  • This will list down all the apps, both system & installed apps,  which can use Mobile data & WiFi.
  • Tap on the Networked Apps which should be on the top, and it will reveal Advanced Network Settings.
  • This advance setting will display a list of apps which run in the background & also consume background data when on roaming.

Make Android phone Battery last longer

Now its time to choose wisely which apps should run or rather use mobile data when on roaming. I mostly end up using messenger services which is important for communication, and rest of them are ticked off my list. If you wish to turn off data access to apps like Gmail, Google Maps, etc, you need to look at System apps.

The lesser the apps are, more battery percentage you will save in long-term. I practically had 40% battery left on my phone with this when I came back from the tour.

Since this setting is available on all Android Phone, its the most viable solution for all.

Turn on Data Saver

If the roaming solution sounds complex to you, you can try the Data Saver option if your phone has it. Ths helps reduce data usage by preventing background apps from sending, or receiving data, and limiting the data access frequency of running apps. Usually, a data saver icon appears on top of the screen when it turned on.

Data Saver Options in Android

However, it’s not possible to go without some of the services, and most of them run in the background. You can add exceptions to it. Turn on the access to mobile data for the apps which you want to run in the background.

Data saver is usually available under Mobile Network in Settings.

While it’s always a good idea to carry battery pack when you are traveling, it is even better if you can control what is consuming your battery. I was surprised with the result for the first time, and I am using it on daily basis now.

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