Most popular games and celebrities who favour them

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of a gamble? Whether that’s resisting filling up your petrol tank and seeing how far you can get, or settling down for a turn on the Blackjack tables; it’s in our nature. And with celebrities being humans too, it’s no surprise that every now and again you’ll spot a famous face trying their luck down at your local casino or letting it influence their creative work.

Don’t believe us? Well, keep reading as we take you through some of the most popular casino games and the celebrities who favour them.


Roulette has a whole host of different famous fans, which is not surprising considering the game has been around since the 17th century. To name a few, Tiger Woods, DJ Tiësto and the now-solo Harry Styles are known for enjoying a spin or two of the Devil’s wheel.

Harry Styles was still a prominent figure in the teenage boyband One Direction when he first revealed his love for the game. After a run of shows, Styles and his bandmates decided to party in one of the top Las Vegas casinos, setting their sights on the gaming tables. But they didn’t take two important details into account – number one: they were incredibly famous worldwide and, number two: the legal age of gambling is 21 in the United States. Coming from England, the boisterous group forget all about these regulations. As soon as they stepped foot into the venue, the security guards both recognised them and knew they were underaged, denying them entry. Maybe next time, lads.


Arguably, Poker is one of the most popular card games around and is often represented in film and television. The version that you will be the most familiar with is Texas Hold’em, thanks to all those pop culture shoutouts, inspiring us to opt for playing this version.

Poker had proved to be such an iconic card game that it’s even been known to lead one celebrity in particular away from the limelight, and over to a permanent place at the Poker table. American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth originally found her fame on the big screen but she later transitioned into the leading celebrity Poker player on the scene. Elizabeth acknowledged the move as her “second career”, frequently entering the World Series of Poker Championships, amongst other televised Poker showdowns for famous faces who have a love for all things casino.

Poker also has an appeal for many professional athletes, such as world-class Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and NBA star Allen Iverson. The agile pair have been known to indulge in a game or two of Poker to unwind after a long day of training, although not necessarily together!


Baccarat is perhaps a lesser-known casino classic, or rather, less frequently played, however the “Empress of Soul” Gladys Knight has been known to play the game avidly, particularly before she reached the peak of her fame.

Another noteworthy mention is Ian Fleming, the mastermind author behind the James Bond novels, from which the films are based. Fleming’s passion for the game creeps in throughout his writing, as he often places the iconic 007 at the Baccarat table to face his enemies. Although the film adaptations within the Bond franchise alter his gambling preference to something more well-known and popular (like Poker in Casino Royale), let it be known that the “real” James Bond has always been a big fan of Baccarat.