A list of must have iPhone Accessories

Apple iPhone is more than a phone, it’s a style statement! It’s not only the phone’s slim and glossy look that attracts buyers but also the accessories that make it look more appealing. Apart from serving the primary purpose of protecting your expensive phone these accessories make your phone look more stylish so you can flaunt it. Mentioned below are the must-have iPhone accessories.

Must-have iPhone Accessories

1. Elago Premium Privacy Protection Film

This accessory is intended to protect the beautiful display monitor or screen of your iPhone. It is also called the “Elago Apple Premium Privacy Protection Film” since it protects your personal information or identity in your iPhone against theft and fraud issues. Even a slight change in viewing angle will foil the nosiest peepers.

2. iHome Rechargeable Mini Speaker

The iHome stereo speaker is cool and an elegant iPhone music player that substitutes the role of an ear phone. It has high-end capacity of playing music with its best quality. It provides respectable sound and can be carried along easily – you can just pack it in a laptop bag or in your trouser pockets. One of its creative features is that it has magnetized bases that you can easily compress while packing. Just separate the speakers and expand their top with a simple twist and plug it to your iPhone when you are going to use them. Another cool thing is, you can just use them while charging.

3. Incipio Feather Case

This is a common iPhone accessory. It protects the phone from scratches. The shell which looks cute and sexy is made of polymer materials and comes in a variety of colors. It is only1mm thick.

4. iP9 Alarm Radio-Clock

This is one of the best iHome products that helps you wake up in the morning. Apart from playing the alarm sound loudly  the device plays your favorite lullaby, it can play the music from 15min to 2 hours and shuts-off once you fall asleep.
If you are tired and would like to operate the device from bed, there’s no worry as a remote controller lets you control the device with ease.

5. Motorola Bluetooth In-Car Speaker

Introducing the new Motorola T505 Bluetooth In-Car speaker! This iPhone accessory transmits data from your iPhone using Bluetooth device to the stereo of your car, such as your favorite music or FM station and plays it. It helps you enjoy your drive. You can listen to pop music and browse your playlist without touching your iPhone screen by just simply using Voice Recognition app like Dragon to receive a call or respond a message or dial a number. When you receive a call the music continues to play in the car stereo and is not stopped.

The five iPhone accessories that I have mentioned are just few among hundreds. You can help me add more by mentioning them in the comments section below.