6 Niche Chat Web Applications for Different Purposes


There is Facebook, Gmail, Google Plus and then there are many other email services which provide the IM feature. If there are the discussions that need to go beyond these IM’s then these IM’s are not enough. There are chat clients for your desktop and Instant Messenger websites like Meebo, Imo.IM which can integrate all your online accounts chat lists to one place.

But these are not suitable if you want to chat with annonymous people, chat about the documentation or about coding or confidential stuff with your colleagues or to chat with the Twitter friends etc, then these may be of more use to you.

1. Connected2 Me


If you are bored and you don’t have friends online to chat with, then this website Connected2 Me comes into rescue to kill your boredom. You can chat to the anonymous users in this website and can make them friends. This website doesn’t force you to create an account to use their services, you can chat to the users there with the guest account, the shuffle in this website shows the thumbnails of the peoples images who are online and you can randomly select one of the user to chat with you.

2. Envolve It


Have you ever felt the intention to chat with your Twitter followers or Facebook friends about the interesting stumbled website or webpage on the internet. The geeks might feel this intention, Envolve it is the web application where you can chat about the web link with your Twitter followers or with Facebook Friends. You need to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts with this website and later save the bookmark of this website to chat about the web link.

3. Privy Talks


If you need to send private information like credit card password, email password and other confidential information then sending through the email’s or IM’s may give the third party sources over the unsecured networks to view your data. Through the Privy Talks website you can create a secured room and you can make conversations with your fellow member, after creating a room a custom link is generated and you need to notify about the link to your partner. The conversations which you make in the chat room are entirely encrypted and the third party sources can’t read your chat conversation, this website doesn’t need to create any account.

4. Blether


This is a simple Twitter application which is good for chatting with your Twitter friends. First you need to authorize this application using your twitter account later you need to create a group by entering the Twitter usernames of your friends to invite them to the chat followed by subject of the chat. Then a tweet with the link which redirects to created group is sent to invite people for the conversation in the Blether website.

5. Qikpad


Qikpad web application helps you to collaborate with your colleagues or team members about the documents or coding or about the projects in a real time. Multiple users can collaborate with this application in a real time, later on you can share the edited document done on the Qikpad through the email or through other Social Networks. First you need to create a Qikpad by giving custom name to it and later on distribute the custom Qikpad link to the members to join the collaboration.

6. Babel With Me


This chatting web application can help you to translate the conversation from English to other 43 languages and vice versa around the world. After login a custom URL is created which you need to share this URL with your friends to join the chat. If you want to chat to the Italian person who doesn’t know English but knows only Italiano language you can invite him to this chat application and type the sentences in the English and the person in the other end can receive the conversation in the Italiano if he chooses to translate it from English to Italiano language.

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