Nightstand Must-haves For Every Bedroom

No bedroom is complete without a good ol’ nightstand – it’s not only aesthetically pleasing and makes your bedroom look put together, but it’s also very practical! But most of the time, nightstands become a dumping ground for all sorts and kinds of things, losing their initial purpose. It’s all about keeping it minimalistic and simple while gathering all your essentials in one place. So here are some nightstand must-haves for every bedroom!

Light source

Pretty lamps are always welcomed, and a pretty common item to have near your bed. It’s extremely convenient, as you don’t have to reach for your phone and be blinded by its light in the middle of the night – lamps are great at being a subtle source of light. But for the most part, people like side table lamps because they truly add to the character of the room, it sets the tone depending on your chosen aesthetic. Regardless of what kind of lamp you end up getting, it’s probably the most useful item you can have that serves both aesthetic and functional purposes!

A book

Nowadays, a lot of people don’t read as much as they used to, some haven’t even held a book in years! It’s all because of tight schedules and living in a fast-paced world where you simply don’t have time to focus on yourself. But evenings and moringa are probably the best for relaxing and detoxing from all the electronics you’ve been using all day. By adding a book to your bedside table, you are more likely to pick up reading again and give it a shot. Try to set your phone aside for a moment and enjoy a good read!


Obviously, how can you forget about your trusty gadgets! It’s hard to let go of the habit of not looking at your phone before bed, or in the morning but sometimes that’s just impossible! So your bedside table is more than likely to have a phone rather than a regular alarm clock! With that being said, it’s good if your side table has compartments, so you can place all your handy electronics like your phone or tablet, earphones, different types of chargers – so you can just grab them whenever you need them. Who would want to stand up and roam around their home for something that should be at the reach of their hand, right? 


Nowadays, having a skincare routine is all the craze – it’s all about looking after yourself at any time, especially before bed! You should probably keep all the essential beauty products in your bathroom, but you can easily sneak some products into your bedroom as well! Chapstick and body lotion is great to keep near your bed, as you can just grab the product and use it before bed or in the morning. A great lifehack for those who wear makeup – if you plan on going out that night, keep some of your face products near your bed, chances are you’ll be too tired to wipe your makeup off, and that is certainly not a good look.

Candles And Incense

Candles are just one of those things that look great in every environment, even in the bedroom – so adding one to your bedside table is a no-brainer! Apart from beautiful packaging, candles can bring more things to the table, especially if you think about coffee-scented products, you can wake up a bit faster once you take a whiff of it in the morning. There are a lot of different senses you can get, some are for calming you down, some are for waking you up, whilst others are just nice smelling! But always be careful when lighting candles, never do it right before bed, it’s never good to leave candles unsupervised!

A glass of water

Lastly, it’s good if you keep a glass or even a reusable water bottle on your bedside table! How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night, parched, but being too lazy to get out of bed to take a drink? So to avoid this altogether, and stay hydrated, make sure you place a glass of water beside your bed – this will also constantly remind you to drink more water, which is good so it’s a win-win situation altogether!

It’s hard to say exactly what someone deems important to hold near the bedside, but some things are just an essential item that serves for functionality. The great thing about a bedside table is that you can truly transform the space, give it a total makeover, whilst still keeping the practical side of things above all else. 

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