How to Place Shortcuts on iPhone Lock screen

One of the limitation of iOS is that it doesn’t provide any app shortcuts on iPhone Lock screen. You will obviously have to unlock your device to launch any of your apps. Things did work out with most of the apps except the ‘Camera app’, to over come Apple placed a camera shortcut on the lock screen in iOS 5. It provides much better camera usability for quick snaps. Other than camera app, people who want other apps to be listed in the quick launch, here are some ways to get apps shortcut on your lock screen.

FastLock to Place Shortcuts On iPhone Lock screen

Recently made entry into the Cydia store, FastLock is a simple tweak which puts some essential shortcuts on your lock screen. The functionality is however limited as you cannot place any custom or third-party apps shortcuts. Shortcuts provided by the tweak includes,

  • Place a call
  • Send a message
  • Send an email
  • Tweet
  • Add a contact
  • Add a note
  • Set an alarm or timer
  • Take a photo

All you have to do is double tab the home button to make the shortcuts appear. FastLock is available in Cydia store from ModMyi repo for 0.99$.


Made to enhance your lock screen and to place shortcuts on iPhone Lock screen, SlideAway blends Style, Notifications and Shortcuts together with a decent and amazing user interface. It completely replaces the ‘slide to unlock’ bar and instead puts a transparent bar with two ‘hot launch’ icons which are configurable.

It has completely modified the ‘slide to unlock’ gesture by ‘pull down to unlock’. It works both the ways, pull down unlocks the device whereas pulling up brings shortcut icons on your lock screen along with the brightness switcher. Every element is configurable and that’s why I highly recommend this.

SlideAway is available in Cydia store from BigBoss repo for $2.99


LockLauncher is simple and elegant tweak to put shortcuts on your lock screen. It provides space for 9 shortcuts on the lock screen. It’s neat, clean and easy to use and also provides security as it requires pass code if your device is protected.

All the shortcuts are easily configurable with any app of your choice. There are two different tweaks named LockLauncher on Cydia, make sure you download the right version.

LockLauncher is available in Cydia store from BigBoss repo for FREE.


Inspired from the camera shortcut button provided in the iOS 5, AppSlider places two shortcuts on iPhone lock screen for the quick launch. One of the shortcut replaces the camera button and other appears on the either side of unlock knob. Both the shortcuts are configurable and you can assign any app to the particular shortcut.

AppSlider is available in Cydia store from BigBoss repo for FREE.

Now enjoy using your apps even from the locked screen of your iPhone. Do you have any more in your mind? let it share with us!

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