How to play music directly from Dropbox account on the go

Play Music Directly Dropbox

Among the cloud storage users, Dropbox has gained much reputation after Google Drive. Well, we all use them to store important files, media backups, etc. for later reference and prevent loosing forever. Also, you might only like to view filed and data online and not to download them ever again. While you cannot directly play music directly from Dropbox account, but It can be your on the go music streaming service. In this post, we will share the best ways to play or stream music directly from Dropbox account on the go.

How to play music directly from Dropbox account on the go

While clicking on any music files, the Dropbox will start downloading the music as a file, and, you have to play them offline. There is no Dropbox music player. So, if you want to stream music files directly without downloading here are the best solutions. There are multiple ways to play music from Dropbox. Here is the list

  1. On PC or Mac
  2. Using an Android or iPhone or iPad
  3. Using other players

Several ways are available right now to stream the music files from Dropbox. You can either listen to them offline or online. Either way, you may need to grant some third-party apps access to your Dropbox account. Here are the best methods to attain it from both PC and Android/iOS smartphones. 

1] On PC or Computer  (Web)

Online-Playlist is a web-based Jukebox media player works as an extension to the Dropbox. The HTML5 Web player app does need special requirements to run. It can work entirely from any browser. All you need to do is to connect your Dropbox API to the web service.

Play Music Directly from Dropbox Account

As the Apple iTunes allows sync with the Dropbox storage, the feature would be most helpful to the iOS users who have their songs backed up to the Dropbox. Here is how to get the entire music files stored on your Dropbox account and stream using web player.

  1. Visit and sign up to
  2. Choose “Dropbox” from “My Apps” or the starting popup window.
  3. Fill the form “App console name” with any name.
  4. Provide the Generated Access Token from Dropbox. To generate an Access Token from Dropbox, follow these steps,
    • Go to and log in.
    • Click on “Create your app” and Choose Dropbox API.
    • You can now choose the accessibility of the specific API, whether to allow access to the entire Dropbox account or a particular folder. It is better to move all music files to a specific folder in Dropbox and give access to that folder only.
    • Now tap on “Create App” button at the bottom.
    • Copy the App Key from the following page.
  5. Now, come back to the Online Playlist tab and provide the copied App Key, and root folder which needs to be indexed.
  6. Now, your media will be automatically listed, and you can play them from the website. No additional installation required and a bookmark is more than enough.

You can use this service to create a Dropbox Playlist from the music files on Dropbox.

2] On Android/iOS

If you want to stream all music files or songs from Dropbox on your Android smartphone, no lengthy procedures are needed, unlike the Web tutorial. All you need is to install the compatible Cloud Music Streaming apps available on play store. CloudPlayer™ by doubleTwist is one among the most popular and handy apps available on Google Play Store.

Play Music Directly from Dropbox Account

The app allows you to connect to your Dropbox account with a click. It comes with Chromecast support, hi-fidelity FLAC & ALAC lossless sound, gapless playback, 10-band EQ, and more. It also acts as a multi-functional music player since it packs over a dozen equalizer presets, headphone sound boosting, bass boosting, etc. You can stream music from Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive with offline support.

Moreover, here are some other app available on both Android & iOS platforms to play music directly from the Dropbox account using iPhone Dropbox API or Android Dropbox API.

  • CloudBeats – An offline & cloud music player (Android).
  • Beat – cloud & music player (Android).
  • Cloud music player – play music from Dropbox (iOS).
  • Evermusic – An offline music (iOS).
  • Sound Weaver – All in one music player (iOS).

I hope these methods were easy to follow, and you where able to

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