How to Play unsupported Media file formats on your BlackBerry

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There are hundreds of media file formats available, which uses different kinds of compression format and codec in the files. That’s why it is not possible for every device to play all media files. BlackBerry phones support only a few file formats. In this guide, we will learn how to play unsupported media file formats on BlackBerry.

If you desire to play a WMV, XVID or any other unsupported file format on your BlackBerry phone you will need to convert it into a format that the phone can play. However, we can use a converter to achieve this, and then play all files on the phone.

How to Play unsupported Media file formats on BlackBerry

This software will convert existing media into a format which works on BlackBerry.

Download video converter for BlackBerry

The software offers a lot of options which lets you choose the resolution of the final video. You can also choose based on the device. If your device is not listed, you can also choose a custom aspect ration. Download the software from here, and install it on your computer.

Play unsupported Media file formats on BlackBerry

Convert unsupported Media file of Blackberry on your Computer

  • Switch to input tab, and then select the file you want to convert.
  • Under Video, select the resolution.
  • You can boost the audio from the Audio section. You can also use LAME to increase the volume of the video.
  • Lastly, Save and Encode.
  • In the end, you get an option which says Transfer to your Blackberry. You can use it or do it manually.

Transfer files to your BlackBerry phone

Transfer the converted file from the computer to Blackberry Phone. To do this, plug-in your BlackBerry phone to computer via data cable. Spot the file, click on it, drag and drop it in your phone’s folder. Once the transfer is complete, unplug it from your computer.

The software offers various options, and if you need to do this often, we suggest you look at all of them. This will help you get the best result.

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