4 Practical Tips To Increase Blogging Productivity By Email Subscriptions


Bloggers always need to be productive and they should always be positive of what they are doing right now. I’ve collected some useful tips for the bloggers to increase their productivity via email subscriptions. For that, first let us know what is this email subscription? And my answer in simple words, registering (or subscribing) to a blog so that any latest update from that blog is notified (or content is delivered) right into your mailbox. Email subscription makes you sure that your blog is doing fine and is getting readers other than strange visitors.

1. Why is Enabling Email Subscription Important?

As I said earlier Email Subscription makes you sure your blog is doing fine makes you believe that you are not blogging for nothing. Other than that:

Increases Reader-base:

Many of the internet users feel it lazy to open a blog for content which are profitable for their own use. So we spoon feed them by letting our updates to them through their mail so if you haven’t setup email subscription on your blog, you are most likely to lose all these important readers.

Ease for Readers:

Think of regular reader to a blog, they regularly visit your blog because they really like your content. Instead of visiting every time, searching for new content, Email Subscription eases these readers to get updated content straight to their inbox without any difficulties.

Constant Traffic:

You post better contents, you are subscribed to more readers and hence ultimately you increase traffic to your blog through permanent readers.

2. How to Increase Traffic from Email Subscribers?

After you knew importance of Email Subscription in your blog the next question you might be having is how can I put this thing to work? Following tips might help you also to increase visitors to your blog.

More attractive headlines:

Looks does matter. Give your content an impressive quote and design. Because your heading is the one that sticks to subject field of your mail, reader definitely would like to click to your post. Attractive headlines are not only helpful in getting visits from email subscribers but also in many other aspects of blogging.

Stick some questions to end the post:

Some readers stop at reading the post sent to them without visiting the site. So your job is to make them visit your site. Try to include some interesting questions at the end of your quality content so that reader is curious to answer those questions. Put it like you are in conversation mood with reader.

Use internal linking:

Some kinds of readers do search for specific keywords in the post. Link similar kind of keywords that are relevant to your blog and link your relative posts to them. This internal linking will definitely help you in increase of visits as well as link building to your blog.

3. Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching People Via Email

After applying above tips checkout for the mistakes that you may come through. I’ve listed some common mistakes from bloggers when pitching people via Email. Check you have not committed at least these.

Not specifying The Receiver’s Name at the beginning of your content:

Most useless and spam messages start the way like “Dear Sir” or “Dear Webmaster”. Instead of starting your mail with words like “Dear Sir” or “Dear Webmaster” try to get the name of the receiver and include it in beginning Preferably without the “Dear” part….

Using a Link Shortener:

Given the number of online threats these days, possibilities are that shortening of links may presume readers as a threat and probably they might ignore it since they don’t know where the link is pointing to.

Not Going Straight To the Point:

Including unwanted stories or any irrelevant data in your content would definitely make reader to skip it and hence ignoring your post. Go straight to the point and the chances of the other person actually reading your message will be much higher.

Not Using a Descriptive Subject Line:

Possibilities are a busy reader might ignore your mail due to use of improper subject line. So you need to make your subject line as descriptive as possible. Another trick you can use is to include the person’s name in the subject line itself, and this method will ensure that you are not a spammer.

4. How Feedburner Can Become Best Free Email Marketing Tool

feedburner email subscription

To implement this Email subscription option which is a must in your blog we have many paid services like Mailchimp, Aweber and so on. And the feedburner is the one when you are looking for a free option to send Email Newsletter but lacks many of features that you get with paid services. Following will take you with features that any blogger might wish to be included in the feedburner.

Reminder Email for unconfirmed Subscription:

 You can’t send reminder Email officially from feed burner interface. A user gets his newsletter to his mail after he click on confirmation Email, forgetting it might not enable the service and your stats will show another unconfirmed Email subscriber. If feed burner sends confirmation reminder again after certain days this will be a huge plus point.

Custom design Templates:

This will be great help for newbie’s who would not need to struggle on design and coding. If feed burner will start offering custom template for Email subscription and that will enhance the look and feel of subscription box.

Easy subscribe/unsubscribe service for readers:

A common interface for readers where they can view all Email newsletters which they are subscribed to and select the necessary action which are permitted to do so.

User Management:

An option to manipulate over user database like search for users, delete users and temporary block users.

Let’s hope for a better Feedburner update in future. But do not forget to subscribe to The Geeks Club Feedburner email subscription. You will get best blogging tips as well as latest Gadgets updates directly to your inbox.

What is the subscription option you are going to have in your blog? Feedburner or any other paid subscriptions? Do let us know!

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