Precautions to be taken while attempting to Jailbreak your iPhone and iPad

The iPhone, iPod and the iPad are really great devices. They can do stuff that was not possible earlier. Their touch interface and processing powers are outstanding. But I have said it many times that in order to unleash the true power of your iDevices you should Jailbreak them.

So this post is specially written for all those Apple users out there who want to jailbreak their iPhone, iPod and iPads. In this post I want to tell you about the precautions you should take while attempting to jailbreak your device so that you do not face any issues and at the same time do not make unnecessary mistakes which might result in you damaging your device in some or the other way or losing your data etc.

Hence before you attempt to start the jailbreak process, please go through the following points to ensure that you make no mistakes and are on the right track.

1. Backup your Device

The jailbreak process does not actually damage, erase or change any of your existing data and files. There are no changes done to your device at all. But just in case you mess up during the jailbreak process, you might have to restore and format your device and would lose all your data and files. Hence it is a good practice to backup your device so that you know you don’t have to worry about all your important data and files.

2. Check your iOS version

Today, almost all the iOS versions can be jailbroken. But every iOS version has a different tool or software that has to be used in order to jailbreak it. Hence it is very important that you check your iOS version and then select the proper tool in order to jailbreak it. For example you might be on iOS 4.3.5 and might be using a tool given to you by your friend whose iDevice is on iOS 4.3.3. Using such a tool might cause problems. Hence you should be sure that the tool you are using is applicable and works on iOS 4.3.5

3. Check your iDevice

Just like the iOS versions, it is also very important to check what device you have. There are chances that different iDevices might require different tools for the jailbreak process. So for example even though you have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2 both of which are running on iOS 5.0.1, it is quiet possible that you still need different tools to jailbreak them.

4. Check the success rate of the Jailbreak Tool

Many a times it happens that a Jailbreak Tool causes some issues or is not able to work on some devices because of some conditions that have already been mentioned clearly. Hence it is a good practice to check the success rate of your Jailbreak Tool and make sure that it has a very high rate of success.

5. Check the Jailbreak Tool

Now this might sound a little weird but there are a lot of guys out there on the Internet who are distributing fake Jailbreak Tools. So if you are a newbie you might be fooled with such fake tools. Hence it is very important to ensure that the Jailbreak Tool you are using is a valid one and has been tested and checked by people and communities online.

Now that you know what problems you might face, you are very much ready to try and attempt to successfully jailbreak your iDevice. If there are any more precautions that you know about, please share it here so that we avoid all the possible problems and roadblocks to jailbreaking.

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