Preventing Plagiarism with 3 best paraphrasing Android apps

Plagiarism has become a common problem in this time of the internet. More than 60% of writers try to copy other authors or blogs available on the internet. Due to excessive data availability, it has become rare to think and write creatively. Therefore, it has become common to find duplication in the writings of most of the writers.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the duplication of others’ work from the internet intentionally or unintentionally without giving the credit to the author.

It is considered stealing that a person is doing online without getting permission from the author of that work.

This problem is not only with blog writers but a lot of students are also following this inappropriate way to do their work.

They pick other people’s research and present it as their own without considering it a crime.

If you want to become successful in your field, you must avoid plagiarism at any cost. Do you want to know why you need to prevent plagiarism from your work?

Here is a brief answer to your question to clear all of your doubts and make it clear why you need to do this task.

Why do we need to prevent plagiarism?

Whether you are working for an SEO agency, website, or any academic paper, you must have to avoid plagiarism.

It is prohibited in almost every field of business or life.

For instance, Google or any other search engine will not rank a website in the higher positions if it has some duplication in its content. Similarly, it will de-rank any digital business that is just doing a replication of other businesses.

You can’t get enough results from your SEO efforts even if you are an expert in the field.

Similarly, if you are getting plagiarism in your academic papers like research papers, your professor will never let you pass out from that grade.

He will absolutely mark you or label you with a tag of fail in your research.

An instructor can bear delay in the work but he will never let you submit a duplicated paper and get enough marks to pass out.

All in all, you should remove plagiarism, even a minor one, from your writings to make them perfect.

How to remove plagiarism from our work?

Once you have learned about such threatening outcomes, you might be looking for an efficient way to reduce or eliminate plagiarism from your work.

If you have been still struggling with this method, this is where your research will be ended.

We have researched a lot and found most of the writers or bloggers look for some applications to get plagiarism reports and make their work unique via their mobile phones.

It has become common to use this handy device to complete such tasks and get back to other work instantly. While you might be searching for an application to prevent plagiarism, you have seen a huge list of mobile apps.

The process to find the best one will be really difficult for you as you have a shortage of time to give all of those a try.

Therefore, we have researched a lot and found some of the best applications after comprehensive analysis.

For your convenience, we have listed the top 3 apps that will help you to eliminate duplication from your work.

Let’s have a look at those apps with a brief description to get an idea of why we have labeled them as the best.


On the top of our list, we have an application by paraphrasing tool. There are multiple reasons why we have this application in the top position of our list.

First of all, it is the best application because of its different working modes. This application has four different working modes among which you can switch while looks to rewrite your content.

It depends on your content nature which mode will be a better option for you.

This paraphrasing app will perfectly rewrite your content to make it natural and authentic.

Many writers have doubts regarding the alteration of the meaning of their context.

They think that the actual meaning of their work will be changed by using any paraphraser.

With this application, you will get unique content with the same intentions. It means that the app will not change the meanings of your writings.

It will first understand the meanings and intentions of your work. Then, it will rephrase by replacing the original words with the synonyms from its dictionary.

There is an extensive collection of words available in the backend. But it will only use those words that will be the perfect fit for your content to protect the actual meanings.

To compare the original content of your work, you can also get a look at the original content just by tapping on your phone.

Last but not least, this application has a pretty simple interface to encourage everyone to use all of its features without following any complex method.

In this way, it will be pretty simple for anyone to upload his document or paste his writings and get 100% unique content for his task.

The only problem with this application is that you can’t paraphrase a huge context at once but you have to split it into patches of 500 words.

If you have regular work to rewrite, you can get a subscription to this application where you will get available for a huge number of words.

  1. Rephraser

Rephraser is an efficiently working application for Android mobiles. With this application,

you can easily rewrite any passage or line without harming the meanings.

It is a lightweight app that can be installed on any device having a little spare space in the internal memory.

You won’t have to go and get a device having high performance to work with this app.

Along with this, the developers have made this app perfect and easy to use by anyone.

You won’t have to go and select multiple options for this simple task.

From the available working modes, you can switch among them easily with a single tap. In this application, you won’t have to open and copy your writings.

You can easily upload a document having a limited word count as allowed by the app to rephrase at once.

It will allow you to upload a Word document or PDF directly without opening them and copy the content available inside that particular document.

In the last, you will easily get a report of your work along with the history of previous tasks.

Sometimes, you might feel it hard to rephrase content with the application if it is not written in English.

With this app, you won’t need to worry as it will enable you to rewrite the content written in more than 5 languages.

So, you only need to input your content and the application will rewrite it accordingly.

  1. Paraphrasing Tool

When we are looking for the best application, we can’t neglect this paraphrase tool. It is AI-based which you can paraphrase your content with simple clicks.

Due to its AI technology, you won’t have to worry about results from this app. It will understand the meanings of the writing first to get its intentions. then, it will replace the words with synonyms to make new sentences.

In this app, you will get original and paraphrased work side by side on different tabs.

Therefore, you can easily switch between those tabs to get a look at what the tool has changed. To make its work prominent, the app will also highlight those words that it has changed.

So, you can click on those words and get a look what the original and new words to get an idea of whether the paraphrasing has been done precisely or not.

In this way, you will get 100% authentic and appropriate results from the paraphrasing of this application.

Final Verdict

We have researched a lot to get the above list of apps that will help writers to prevent plagiarism from their work.

You should try to pick any of them as per your requirements and rewrite your content without investing a lot of time.

In turn, you will be able to rewrite thousands of words without doing hard work.