How to Preview all Open Tabs in Chrome?

Tab Expose

It’s a tough task to manage a vast number of  opened tabs in Chrome. Also it is a time consuming process to find the exact tab that we need to switch, from a lager number of opened tabs. However, this time consuming process to find and navigate the tabs can be bypassed with the help of two Chrome extensions, which lets you preview all the opened tabs in the Chrome.

Here, let us take a look on how they work. If you know any other extension other than the ones mentioned below, please feel free to share them with our other readers in the comment section.

Tab Expose

With the Tab Expose extension, you can manage and navigate the tabs seamlessly easy. Upon installation of this extension an icon with a number is displayed on the toolbar, the number on the icon indicates tab count i.e., the number of opened tabs currently on the browser.

Simply, hitting the icon displays the preview of all the opened tabs in the browser. Also, it shows an indicator, mentioning you that, on which tab you have currently  been.

Tab Expose

You can customize the setting of this extension by heading to the option’s. Where, you can change the settings to preview the tabs as a popup or, open in a new tab, also you can fix a hotkey to process this extension.

Chrome Tab Panel – Expose Tabs

The Chrome Tab Panel Exposes Tabs extension, takes the screenshot of the opened tabs in the Chrome, and shows them in a new window. After the installation of this extension an icon of this extension is displayed on the toolbar. When you hit the icon of this extension, it takes a few seconds to screenshot all the opened tabs and shows the tiles of the tabs in a new window.

Chrome Tab Panel - Expose Tabs

On the Screenshot window you can close the opened tab, or navigate to the tab from there. This extension could be more helpful when you are working with a large number of the tabs.

Too Many Tabs

This is other helpful extension for managing opened tabs in the Chrome browser. Unlike the above discussed extensions this extension has a good interface, and it is handy. This extension have better options to manage tabs like import/export tabs, manage recently closed tabs, and suspended tabs.

 Too Many Tabs

The icon of this extension is displayed on the Chrome’s toolbar. Upon hitting the icon of this extension a popup with tabs is displayed where you can preview, and manage all the tabs. There are themes, to customize the look of the extension too.

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