How to read deleted WhatsApp messages, images, audio and videos


WhatsApp, one of the popular IM apps, has become much advanced over time. The creators recently introduced a new feature that lets users delete the sent messages. The feature was initially available for messages sent within past seven minutes. Now, it is extended up to 1 hour and 8 minutes. So, anyone can delete the messages even if you read them. But in case you missed it, how do you then read deleted WhatsApp Messages Images Audio Videos?

As anyone can delete the messages within the time limit, you would miss texts they deleted after sending. Even if they sent it mistakenly, you will be curious. In fact, you must be looking for a solution to let read the deleted WhatsApp messages, Images, Audio Videos.

How to read deleted WhatsApp Messages Images Audio Videos

Notisave: It is a free notification listener and fetching app. It reads all the notifications and keeps them to check for later. Every WhatsApp messages that hit your notification bar will have a copy on the Notisave. This includes the deleted messages as well.

You can open the Notisaver and see all the notifications from WhatsApp and other apps. Among them, you can find the deleted messages too. Notisave app can only fetch the text messages. Any media files will not be considered.

read deleted WhatsApp Messages Images Audio Videos

Feature-wise, Notisave acts not only as a WhatsApp deleted message recovery tool. It can also be your favorite notification manager and organizer on Android.

To use the app effectively, some permissions need to be granted. The permissions needed for the app are accessibility, auto start, and add it to the exception list for battery optimization.

It also provides security to your notifications by enabling PIN or fingerprint locking method.


WhatsRemoved is an explicit tool for recovering deleted WhatsApp messages. It’s a notification listener tool as well. The app offers a hassle-less performance if you allow it use the battery without any restrictions.

WhatsRemoved only monitors and save deleted WhatsApp notifications locally. It automatically detects if someone deletes a message, and sends notifications.

whatsapp deleted media recovery

You can get notifications if anyone deletes messages on WhatsApp. The provides an interface for reading them instantly. Surprisingly, the WhatsRemoved offers the WhatsApp Media recovery, including Images and Video.

There are many other apps which provide similar features. You can use them to read deleted WhatsApp messages images audio videos. Anyhow, you need to enable special permissions for them to run properly. Also, battery saver apps are foes of notification listeners.

Well, which apps do you use to recover WhatsApp messages?. Share your thoughts.

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