How to reduce RAM usage in Android

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Smartphones launching these days come with a humongous amount of RAM onboard, capable fo running many apps and FPS games at a time. However, excess RAM usage often causes Android to crash or memory overflow in smartphones. Also, the battery might drain faster due to higher memory usage. Here are some of the best tips to o reduce RAM usage in Android.

How to reduce RAM usage in Android

Android is Open Source, which means OEM can customize the OS and offer a better interface and features. It may also result in high memory or high RAM usage if they fail to optimize. That said, there are several ways you can manage the memory usage of your smartphone. But before going through every solution, you need to find out if you are facing similar issues.

  1. Close Recent Apps
  2. Kill Unnecessary Background Tasks
  3. Uninstall Apps that cause extreme RAM usage
  4. Disable/Uninstall app you do not use
  5. Update the System Firmware

Following are the quickest ways to reduce RAM usage on Android

1] Close Recent Apps

The apps you often open and forgets to close take up a lot of memory. They run in the background, so you need to close them when not in use. Apps like Facebook and Instagram run continuously in the background. It causes a lot of memory usage. Makes sure you are closing them after switching to other apps.

Close Recent Apps

2] Kill Unnecessary Background Tasks

Some unnecessary tasks by several apps cause an excessive amount of background service usage. So, you need to find them and stop the unwanted tasks. If necessary, uninstall the app. You can also use Advanced Task Manager apps to kill background tasks. But it is not highly recommended as it will disable all notifications, especially from apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on.

Kill Background Tasks in Android

3] Uninstall Apps that cause extreme RAM usage

You might find that your smartphone lags when you open some of the apps. You can resolve the issue by uninstalling those apps and use better alternatives. Here is how you can find which of the apps consume more RAM.

  1. Open Settings > About.
  2. Select Memory/RAM and choose the memory used by apps.
  3. You will find the RAM usage by apps. Find out which app is causing the heavy load to the RAM and uninstall it.

4] Disable/Uninstall app you do not use

Not everyone would use every single app installed on smartphones. Also, the apps that come preloaded with the smartphones would be preventive of uninstallation, even if you do not use them. So, if you want to reduce the load caused by these apps, it is necessary to uninstall or disable them. Here is how you can disable the apps that cannot be uninstalled.

Disable pre-installed Apps in Android

  1. Go Settings > Apps.
  2. Select the All Apps tab.
  3. Select the app you do not use.
  4. Tap on “Uninstall,” if it allows.
  5. If the app is pre-installed, you can see a “Disable” button on the screen. Tap on it to disable the app entirely.

After disabling, the app will remain in your memory in the idle state, but not even a single process will work.

5] Update the System Firmware

The excessive memory usage on Android smartphones can also cause due to some bug in the Operating System. The companies often tend to roll out a new patch for the issue. So, update the smartphone if any new patch hits your device.

By the methods described above, you can control your smartphone from taking a lot of memory unnecessarily. I hope these tips helped you to learn how to reduce ram usage in Android. Lastly, DO NOT use the apps that claim to reduce smartphone memory usage. They all are fake.

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