Report and Memorialize or Remove deceased Facebook Users Profile Page

Facebook user report - deceased

It is a sad moment in ones life when he comes to know the fact that a person close to him is dead. Facebook is a popular social network website which has almost 700+ million users connected to it worldwide. If the person who is deceased has left his personal sharing’s on the Facebook and if his friends and relatives no longer want his status and images to be shared or displayed now on his Facebook profile, then you can report to Facebook, requesting them to memorialize or remove the Facebook account of the dead person.

There are two separate forms on the Facebook which are meant to make a request to the Facebook to either memorialize the person or completely remove the account from the Facebook of the deceased person.

Memorialize deceased Facebook Users Profile Page

If you want to memorialize the person on the Facebook then fill a Facebook form here reporting that the person is deceased. If the profile is memorialized the Facebook restricts the access of the profile to only the confirmed friends. The users can visit the profile and can comment on the wall.

Facebook user report - deceased

Remove deceased Facebook Users Profile Page

If you want to remove the account of a deceased person to protect his privacy then there is another form which you can access here.

Facebook User Deceased

Facebook takes such requests seriously and asks you questions in relation with the deceased person to confirm some facts, and also asks you to submit some immediate family member verification. Facebook doesn’t provide you the log in information of the user in respect to protect the privacy of the deceased user.

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