How to save a wet phone from being dead

Imagine you are near a swimming pool or in the bathroom getting ready to undress for a bath. You have your phone in your pocket and as soon as you bend it slips out. And then splash! Now what? Usually, the situation is fatal once your beloved phone is in water however; if you act fast you can ensure that it isn’t the end of your device. Because, even if a wet cellphone looks dead, there’s a good chance it can be brought back to life. Today we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to save a wet phone from being dead.

Ways to save a wet phone from being dead:

The plastic covers that we see today on most phones/smartphones are fairly tight and are built to withstand some water damage. So, if you are lucky you may find your cell phone working even if it is dipped in water. It is important to mention here that your phone’s warranty probably doesn’t cover water damage and most of today’s phones come with a “water sticker” that permanently changes color if it gets wet. So take care!

Now, let us take a look at some of the steps to be followed if you find your phone immersed under water for some time.

  • Remove battery, the power source as quickly as possible and safely so that no further damage is done to your phone.
  • Do not try to heat-dry the battery especially using hair-dryer as it may damage your phone’s insides. It may cause the battery to leak or in worst case, explode. Use a vacuum cleaner instead, set at a low PSI.
  • Take care while drying lithium-ion batteries as they are expensive. While using any safe drying method ensure that the battery is disconnected and stored away.
  • Most circuits inside the phone will survive immersion in water as long as they are not attached to a power source. Just wipe them with a dry cloth and place them in a dry place until the moisture is gone. This is necessary because, water itself isn’t particularly clean so you may find traces of mineral deposits left on your phone when you place them in a dry place which may further damage your phone.
  • Never keep a cell phone, wet or otherwise in a microwave to dry.
  • Leave the phone or its disassembled parts in a bowl of uncooked rice or moisture absorbent such as silica gel. This will absorb any moisture present.
  • Try and check your phone. If it works, well and well. If it does not, remove the battery and plug the phone into the mains to check if it is your battery which is dead or your phone.

If all the above mentioned steps fail or you find it as pure nonsense, I suggest you visit your nearest mobile store for a replacement.

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