How to Schedule Tweets in Twitter

While browsing the web we often come across great content however, it becomes difficult to add/schedule all of them as tweets or posts on popular social networking sites (Facebook and twitter) at the same time. Buffer, a web and a mobile app for Twitter app takes care of the trouble. It automatically schedules your tweets.

The application has been designed with the sole purpose to offer a personal and efficient solution to handle Twitter. It has introduced a new feature to allow users to schedule retweet directly from

Installing Buffer with the new Twitter extension, rolled out couple of days ago will enable users to see a ‘Buffer’ option on tweets alongside the normal built-in ‘Reply’, ‘Retweet’ and ‘Favorite’ options. When clicked, a selected tweet will be shared at a specific time as a retweet with the original “RT” signifier.

How Buffer works?

Step 1: Insert Tweets in Buffer

Simply add tweets into your tweet panel at your Buffer home account. To make it easier, install the right browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) so you can add tweets from any page.

Step 2: Adjust the Timing

By default, Buffer gives you peak Twitter times at which your tweets go out. You can adjust the timings to tweet more frequently.

Step 3: Measure Your Impact

Tweeting via Buffer helps you to track the impact you are making on Twitter with one click on the ‘analytics’ button. You will also be able to see any Retweets, Clicks, Avatars of who retweeted you and Reach of your tweets.

Buffer says the new feature allows Twitter users the ability to space their tweets out while avoiding the hassle of an extra dashboard. Adding further, Leo Wildrich, co-founder of the Buffer says, “With Buffer you simply throw a few tweets into your Buffer and the App then schedules these tweets for you during the day”.

To date, Buffer has scheduled 2.6M+ tweets and Facebook updates. Besides, it has plans to let users schedule posts on Google+ and LinkedIn as well. It was reported that the blog button has already been installed on about 1,000 blogs worldwide. Visit Buffer.

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