Screenshot tutorial: Convert rpm files to deb for Ubuntu

If you check the history of Linux, you’ll find that before Ubuntu, Red Hat ruled the desktop PC market. Ubuntu (And other Debian derivatives including Debian itself) uses deb files to install softwares offline. On the other hand Red Hat, and the modern Fedora and Mandriva use RPM files to get the same job done.

Now for the real point! What if you encounter a software made for Fedora/Mandriva/Red Hat and you just can’t find the deb out? Tired of searching forums for the same? No problem! With Alien at your service, you’re good to go! Alien is a software for Linux that converts RPM archives into deb ones for installation on Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Debian. First you have to install Alien. Do it using the package manager or install the deb file you get from here.

Here’s a screenshot tutorial that tells you how to convert the archive

1. First download a package as RPM. I’ll be using ISO Master to demonstrate.

2. Now copy this file to an easily accessible location, like your desktop. Rename the file to a simple name so as to keep the code simple!

3. Now open a new terminal window and type… cd /home/techsoulja/Desktop
Replace Techsoulja and Desktop with a different path if required.

4. Now type…sudo alien isomaster.rpm
We need to run Alien in root as in Linux, manipulations to a file must be done in root only. Type your password.
5. After 10 seconds or so, the file will be ready and as you notice, alien automatically adds the version no. from verified sources.

6. Now install the file using GDebi or dpkg as you would’ve done with a regular deb file!

7. Yay! Now you have the application up and ready on your system!

Please note that this process doesn’t always work. But the cases of instability are far less than that of success. Alien is a really nice application which should be present on the PC of every Linux User. And at 1Mb, its no harm!

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