How to Send email Attachments to your Dropbox Account?


A regular Dropbox user is well aware of the Dropbox power. Mostly, it is used for storing files on the cloud. However, there are many web services and applications that are associated with the Dropbox, these services makes using Dropbox simple and easy.

For instance, there are a few noteworthy web applications for the Dropbox which let you send email attachments to your Dropbox account directly; thereby avoiding the hassle of uploading files from email to Dropbox manually. Mentioned below are the web apps that makes your job of sending email attachments to your Dropbox a breeze.

Send To Dropbox

With this web application you can send email attachments directly to the Dropbox. At first, you are asked to connect your Dropbox account to this web app, later you get a unique email address by this web app to send the email attachments to your Dropbox account.


While sending an email attachment, it is advised to send a copy of email to the so provided Dropbox email address,  so that the attached email files are saved in a special folder named Attachments in the Dropbox. In addition the Send To Dropbox has a feature to automatically extract ZIP archives in your Dropbox. is a web app that acts like a house for all the email and cloud services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Dropbox, Well, this web app needs you to connect your email and cloud service accounts with it. Later, it traces all the email attachments and files present in your account, and brings them under one umbrella.

However, if you want to send the email attachments to your Dropbox account, simply hover the mouse pointer over a specific attachment and share it with your Dropbox account.  In addition, you are required to connect your Dropbox account before sharing the email attachments with your Dropbox account.

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