How to send secret self-destructing messages in Facebook Messenger

There has been a demand from Facebook users time and again to have in place, a mechanism that offers additional safeguards when discussing private information with trusted friends and family members. Considering this, Facebook rolled out Secret Conversations feature. The feature adds end-to-end encryption to messages that makes it virtually impossible to intercept them. Moreover, it allows you to set a timer make your messages disappear from the conversation after a certain period of time.

This feature is available only on Facebook Messenger app and the messages sent and received through secret conversation feature will be visible only in the sending and receiving devices. So, let us see how to send self-destructing messages via Facebook messenger App.

Send self-destructing messages via Facebook Messenger

Launch your Facebook Messenger app.

Once opened, select a contact from the list to start secret conversation. Next, click on the Info icon visible in the upper right-hand corner of chat screen.

Then, click on the Secret Conversation option.

Once you confirm the action, the encrypted chat window will pop up.

Now, the messages you send via this chat window will encrypted end to end.

That is, only you and the recipient can view and read these messages. Facebook, law enforcement or intelligence agencies will not have any access to these conversations.

Now, if you would like to send a self-destructing message, click on the Timer icon that you can find at the bottom (extreme right) of chat window.

Here, you can select the timing for your message to expire. The message will self destruct after the specified time in your device. In the recipient’s device also, once they open the message, the timer will start and the message will self-destruct after the specified time. The timeline available for this ranges from five seconds to 24 hours.

Once you have set the timer, send your message. You can see the timer alongside the message.

Once the time is up i.e., it marks 00.00 time, the message will be deleted and disappear completely. That’s it.

Now, when you go back to the contacts list you will notice the encrypted conversations will see a Lock icon linked with the contact.

That’s it!

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