Session Replay: Your Solution to a Higher Conversion Rate

What better way to understand your users’ experience in your website than watch a movie-like replay of their session?

Session replay is tools that records and plays back a visitor’s journey in a website including every delay they experience, idle time, click, scroll, tap or keystroke. These activities are then recreated into a visual presentation of the user’s interaction with the website.

It is similar to watching a video of the session, as clear as if you were right there with them. The business owner can then see their website’s efficiency through the eye of the customer and identify the weak areas.

How Does Session Replay Work?

The replay is made possible by capturing what happens in the DOM throughout a user’s visit on the website.

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a programming concept whereby an HTML, XHTML, or XML document is treated as a tree structure, and the elements within the document are presented as nodes which reside in the DOM.

Whenever a user makes any interaction with the website such as a mouse click, they are captured as events which alter the structure of the DOM.

A replay thus recreates these events leading to a video-like presentation of the user’s interaction with the website.

As a measure to ensure there is no breach of privacy to the user, session replay tools do not record sensitive information such as passwords and payment information. The visitors’ recordings are also anonymous so that none can be easily identified personally.

While using the tools, you are required to give disclosure to users in your website which you can include in the privacy policy, a pop-up, or notification.

What are its Benefits?

It makes it easier to identify the points when your users drop off, such as the shopping cart, and possible reasons for the action.

Is it too complicated or slow making the visitor lose patience? A quick fix of the problem can enhance user experience and increase your conversion rate.

It shows live online user interaction making it easier for the support staff to respond to queries. If you can see live where a customer is stuck, you can offer a quick and effective solution without bombarding them with frustrating questions trying to understand their problem.

An effective and personalized support system draws a picture of a company that cares about every customer. It builds loyalty and promotes customer referrals.

You can test the reaction of your customers to new products or features. Does it have a positive or negative effect? Do they notice the change, or is it a waste of resources? An ability to directly observe their response gives a clear picture of what works, and you can take similar steps in the future.

Dealing with online customers is no piece of cake. Unlike customers at a store, a smooth-talking salesperson cannot convince them to stay or complete a transaction. For an online customer, what matters s the experience they have in your website.

Session replay gives you the power to monitor your users’ activities on the website without breaching their privacy. You can then enhance their experience by fixing any problem areas and retracting any new products or features that do not get a positive response.