Seven trending TV series to binge-watch after a long study day

Are you also hunting for the best TV series to add to your list? Be it, students or professionals, we all want some time for ourselves where we can sit and relax and nothing adds more value to it than watching some good show? Time to time, we all are looking out for some series. It is really hard to find out which one has a nice story and which one would be a better option to invest our time in.

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Best TV shows to binge-watch ever after a long tiring day

Stranger Things

It is a science fiction-horror web television series. Having various jump scares, this show is a treat to watch and enjoy the thrill. It is not completely horror but surely interesting enough to keep the audience intact to screens for a longer period of time. People who have a dark side and are not scared easily, this show is surely for you.

Orange Is the New Black

This show abbreviated as OITNB is a comedy-drama. It revolves around a small-time former criminal who turned into PR executive. One can expect what follows a person when he/she is in prison. It shows parts related to drugs, prison, death and whatnot.


This comedy series is based on the story of a dry-witted woman who has no filter when it comes to words and love. This grief-riddled woman is trying to make on her own amidst London and coping up with tragedy and misery. Not taking help from anyone she made sure to mend things which seemed quite a task.


Satirical comedy-drama television series is about a Logan family who is controlling the biggest media and entertainment company worldwide and contemplates how their future will be once their father steps down as the main representative of the company.

When they see us

This show’s cast is filled with Emmy’s nominees and winners who had their best performances. It tells how five teens from Harlem were trapped and falsely accused regarding an attack in Central Park. It highlights a true story about how racism was profiled and how the media’s misinformation devastated the lives of five people in baseless allegations.


This is a very interesting series about how an extremely handsome man is obsessed with a young emerging writer. He went through all extreme measures just to get close to that lady whom he assumed as the love of his life. He used every tool to remove all sorts of things, which he considered as an obstacle between them. This intense series is a must-watch.


This social thriller is about a filthy rich woman who made a proposal to a young scientist to save her startup in return for a one night with her husband. It reflects the decision people make based on their circumstances and the long term effects of their decisions change everything from them.

These are a few TV shows which no one should miss, no matter how busy routine is, one should always find ways to work smartly and find some time to relax. If you are a student and have a long list of writing assignments due, then it is better to take help from some essay writers and add value to your life.