How to Share Holiday Pictures with your Friends


The Christmas and New Year eve celebrations have been completed, you would have enjoyed a lot with our family, relatives, friends and many more. Now we are at homes and going back to work after a lot of rejoice with a heavy hearts. There in the celebrations we would have caught the moments of the joy we have under went by taking the snaps at that moment.

Now the question arise in our mind what are ways to share the bulk of pictures of the event with our friends who are far away from us.  Here The Geeks Club is listing out some best ways to share the photos with your friends and relatives online.



Social Network Website

These days a regular user on the internet know the power of Social Network Websites and for what they are meant for? Almost an average online user have accounts in any of the Social Network websites. If you are the user of the Facebook you might have known the process to upload the images to your Facebook timeline, If you have different audience on the Google+ which is an alternative for the Facebook, upload the images to that website too. Twitter is the last source to share the images with your friends who are followers of your Twitter account. The problem with the Twitter is that you can share only one image per tweet and it doesn’t have any special feature to upload the images as an album.

Image Sharing Websites

Image sharing websites are another source to share the images online. There are many image sharing websites which offer the free storage of some giga bytes of the data and if you need some extra storage beyond the free usage then you have to upgrade to premium account for the extra space. One of the best Image Sharing Website as per my view is Flickr which gives 3GB of the free storage and the premium account is available at the $24/year. The next alternative after the Flickr is the Picasa web album from search engine giant Google, if you upload the images to Picasa they are viewable in your Google+ account too. If you want to share the images from your mobile phone then the best source would be through Instagram app. There are also Photobucket, SmugMug and many other image sharing websites available to share your images.

Cloud Storage Websites

Cloud storage services play a key role in backing up the files on your computer to avoid the information loss when a system crashes or a sudden disaster happens. There is a feature included in almost every cloud service to keep the files in the public mode and share the link through Social Networks or send through email. The Dropbox is one which offers the 2GB storage space for the initial signup and additional 16GB free space for the references you make to join your friends. There is an other best service, Sky Drive from the Microsoft which offers 25GB storage space and it could be more that enough to share your images with your friends. If you are a Mac user then there is a special cloud web app called Get cloud app. Still you have cloud services like Sugar sync which gives better free storage space compared to Dropbox account.

File Sharing Services

E-mail service providers put you under limitations to send the files as an attachments through email. File sharing services are best way to send the large files online, there are some best services available on the internet for the file sharing. You can upload the files quickly without registering the account on that website like send space, file dropper,  and share the custom link generated for your uploaded files with you friends. Websites like Rapidshare, Mediafire and other popular services are also best to upload and share the files but there is no privacy if you upload the files to them, they are easily searchable through special file search engine websites like files tube, filecrop etc..

Post the Pictures through Your Personal Blog

If you are the one of the users who use the blog as an open personal dairy then you can post your holiday snaps on your blog and make them available to view by your pals. If you are not interested to post them public which is viewable to everybody and available for the search engine bots too, then restrict the blog to only your friends by tweaking the settings in the blog and making them private. There are free blog services like Blogger, Tumblr,, LiveJournal which are available to post your writings through them.

Here we have covered all the best ways to share the pictures online. Share any if you haven’t found it here in the list.

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