Should You Consider Buying the Google Pixel 6 as Your Next Work Smartphone?

Apart from the new folding phones that have come along recently, many smartphones look and perform in similar ways. However, when looking for a new work smartphone, there may be subtle differences that make you prefer one brand over another. Google’s new Pixel 6 phone is looking to make a big impact on the market, but, should you consider buying the Google Pixel 6 as your next work smartphone?

Google Re-Invents the Pixel

Google has always wanted to have a stake in the smartphone market. However, for the first five iterations of the Pixel, they relied on other manufacturers to help them achieve their goal.

While this enabled Google to add cool features and hardware, it meant the phone didn’t have its own identity or do all the things Google wanted it to do.

That is why the search giant decided to go back and re-invent the Pixel with the Pixel 6 phone.

This new phone has the Tensor Chip which is Google’s first made by the company. It has allowed them to do more with the cameras and battery life, but is the new Pixel 6 the best choice for a work phone?

Cheaper Price Point 

One of the big benefits of the new Pixel 6 is its price. It is a couple of hundred pounds cheaper than the rival phones, which was an intentional move by Google.

As a business, providing a smartphone for your employees that saves you money while still doing what you need is a smart move.

While it may have some limitations compared to its rivals, in the main, it is more than enough to suit your staff’s needs.

Essential for Home Workers

With more employees now working from home, effective communication is essential to keep in touch and work coherently.

There is also the shut-down of the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) network that will mean services need to move over to digital systems. This is one reason why you should be switching from ISDN to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

VoIP will give you more stability when it comes to conference calling and remote meetings. It also offers a fast and secure way of sending documents.

Gives Your Company More Flexibility

A smartphone is essentially a computer in your hand. This gives your business increased flexibility when it comes to dealing with customers and getting work done.

Employees are no longer tied to their computers and can send and receive information remotely. This can give you the edge over your competitors if you utilise it in the right way.

For home working employees, it means they can access the companies social media and chat services to give a better customer service experience.

Final Thoughts

Mobile devices are an essential part of modern business. However, that doesn’t mean that you need to buy the most expensive option. There are many smartphones such as the Google Pixel 6 that offer good functionality but at a lower cost to your business. Paired with a cost effective VoIP business solution, the Google Pixel 6 definitely has great potential as your next work smartphone.