Simplify File Management Tasks with Moroshka File Manager for Mac

File Manager

Moroshka File Manager is the ultimate tool for Mac OS X to simplify the file management tasks. The program has the ability to share a document from your server with any FTP, WebDAV or SSH server and provides an intuitive user interface along with some ultra modern features.

For Mac users the tab based user interface not only enhances the productivity but also makes the task of comparing two folders, transfer files from one location to another much simpler. It also possesses some advanced set of tools that are essential for file management platform.

File Manager

Moroshka File Manager performs file operations in multitasking environment through Multiple Document Interface based file manager. One can view two panes side by side in the program to easily compare the contents of folders. The classic 2-windows file manager offers liberty to open multiple tabs in each pane, switch between them and move files from one to other via drag and drop method.

A sleek Terminal window has been integrated in the program that runs commands over selected file, current folder or location without launching Mac OS X Terminal separately. In addition to this, Moroshka File Manager permits you to bookmark your favorite locations to access them instantly whenever required thereby averting laborious file or folder search method.

To render much simpler and organized search, the program supports wild-card entries. Using this feature one can either search files by file mask or use Look for text mode to find text written inside files. Once located, the file along with its name displays size, time, and attributes in search results.

Any chosen file can be opened in File Manager window through Go File option.


  • Easily creates links/soft links
  • Extended Search probabilities in the integrated Text Viewer
  • Effectively utilizes the screen space for storing files and folders
  • Displays images, videos and audio files during file preview
  • Multi-tab layout support
  • Opens ISO and UDF images as archives
  • Standard file format support
  • Multi-thread file management processing
  • Support for more than 17 compression algorithms

Moroshka File Manager is compatible with Mac OS X Lion 10.7. Its next-generation interface is adapted for touch devices. Download Moroshka File Manager from here or here at Moroshka- iTunes.

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