Smartphone Use in India Fueling Growth in Popularity of Mobile Gaming

Mobile casino gaming is a billion-dollar industry in India and the rise in popularity of mobile casino games seems set to continue. Much of this rise is due to an increase in the number of people who own smartphones.

According to data from JustGamblers on their mobile casino page, there were 696,000,000 smartphone users in India in 2020. This is 50% of the population meaning that every second person in the country uses a smartphone on a regular basis.

Offshore mobile casino operators are moving in on the market

Although India-based companies are not permitted by law to offer mobile casino games to these smartphone users, offshore providers are doing so. There is no law that expressly forbids this so there are big opportunities for these brands to take advantage of the situation.

Many of these operators especially tailor their services to the Indian market including accepting the rupee as a currency option.  Some also provide gaming action in Hindi.

Millennial Audience with Money to Spend on Leisure Activities

It’s not just smartphone usage that is aiding the surge in mobile casino popularity in India. There is also a large millennial population with disposable income to spend on leisure activities such as mobile gaming.

Altogether, there are around 400 million millennials in the country. Their income makes up around 70% of the total household income of India and consumption is encouraged more than it ever was with previous generations. This has led to a large rise in consumer spending which is four times what it was a decade ago. This includes spending on mobile casino games with more titles entering the market on an ongoing basis.

Mobile Casino Game Rise set to Continue Alongside Smartphone Use

The penetration rate for smartphone use in India has risen from 24% in 2016 and is expected to reach 51% in 2025. This rise is being accompanied by significant growth in the gambling industry in the country which is expected to continue well into the future due to the fact that 60% of Indian casino players are under 24. They have many years left to continue playing their favourite casino games.

Given the combination of positive smartphone usage and gambling figures, the mobile casino industry seems certain to continue to thrive. Of course, stricter control of the industry by authorities in the country could dampen its growth. However, there is nothing to suggest that there are any plans to change or add to current regulations.

So, the current growth in popularity of mobile casinos could be just the start. If the environment for growth continues to remain positive there is every reason to expect that the appetite for mobile casino games will continue to flourish with casino enthusiasts in India for many years to come. It will be interesting to revisit the situation in three years’ time and discover whether this proves to be the case.

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