Steve Jobs resigns – What’s Next?

Some of you may have heard the news of the resignation of Steve Jobs and the appointment of  Tim Cook as CEO of the Apple. As everyone knows Steve Jobs health conditions is the main reason which prevented him from supplement his giving career to the giant company “Apple” which is the highest valued among the technology companies in the world today. And we have read his resignation letter and the announcement of his desire to step down as CEO of Apple.

Despite all the criticism directed to Steve Jobs in his administration of Apple, none of us can deny, even for one moment that this man did the impossible for the company, he saved Apple  from the abyss of loss and turned it recently to the company that officially owns liquid funds exceeding that of the Government of the United States itself, not to mention the series of successes in the company’s products and marketing plans and the growth of its sales at an stunning rate, like it or not, this is the reality.

But the important question arises, What after Steve Jobs?

What will happen to Apple, which has achieved one success after another under his leadership?

I believe that impact of the resignation of Steve Jobs will be temporary, and with the passage of days, Apple will impress the world with its amazing products again. Steve was clearly tired in the last period, especially after suffering for long from consequences of pancreatic cancer and then the liver transplantation in 2009, and then he took a long vacation at the beginning of 2011.

His policies and concepts in the management of the company that impresses the company’s fans will continue even without him as president of the company. And he is today leaving his duties as CEO, it is natural that this would leave a negative impact on Apple, even if temporarily, one of the effects is the declining shares of Apple from  $ 431.20 to $ 357.40, also the performance of Apple is expected to decline slightly, because Apple with Steve, is not like Apple without Steve.

I think that Tim Cook, the person who has been appointed by Steve Jobs himself, will continue the tradition of Steve in the management of the company, which has achieved great success and took the company at the forefront. Tim Cook with Steve Jobs for a long time, specifically since 1998, contributed a lot in the development of Apple products, it is enough to know that he was Apple’s president for two months when Steve Jobs was recovering from pancreatic cancer in 2004.

It’s true that we are going to lose the beauty and creativity of Steve Jobs when he comes out on stage to announce new Apple products, but you must know that the decision to resign was to be expected, I believe that the company was preparing for this decision a long time ago and found the proper time for Steve’s resign, while the company at the top of its bid and success.

 But let’s think about why now, why not choose another time to announce that?

Indeed, the timing of the resignation of Steve is the intelligence itself, because Apple on the outskirts of the publication of a numerous new products, such as the operating system iOS5, and the cheapest iPhone 4 and the new iPhone5 and iPad 3 and many other mysterious products, and these new products will restore Apple’s confidence and it can show that Apple can survive without Steve.

Will Apple able to continue the same spirit of innovation and creativity as it did when Steve Jobs was its chief executive?

This is what would be revealed to us the coming days.

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