Steve Jobs – iCame. iSaw. iConquered. iLeft.

He came. He saw. He conquered. He left.

Steve Job’s life can be aptly described in these 8 words. And when he left, he gave many a question to think about, a question who’s answer-seeking process will definitely convert a ‘nobody’ to a ‘somebody’. The purpose of life is not to ride around in swanky cars in a well-settled high profile job with all the benefits in the world. The purpose of life is to think different, to bring a smile on peoples face and to make them understand the high importance of life, which comes only ONCE and death, which comes anyhow.

And Steve Jobs did just that.  From that ‘unexpected baby boy’ who walked 7 miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple to being the Founder/CEO of Apple Inc, worth US $7 billion, Steve Jobs had come a long way. Being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and getting fired from the company you founded wasn’t the best thing to happen. And usually people break heart after this. But NOT Steve Jobs. Instead, this event was a life-changer for him. That gave him the extra-boost to not let the young entrepreneurs down who look upon him. So NEXT happened. And so did Pixar. And Apple became what it is today.

Who would have thought that this young man who was given away by his biological parents and had just 3-6 months to live when diagnosed with cancer, would live up to become one of the most inspiring and looked upon person, especially in the field of technology and would inspire million of tech geeks to think and do the new, including Mark Zuckerberg? For those millions, yesterday was probably the saddest day in their life, for this individual whom they all knew as Steve Jobs, who talked about connecting the dots, love and loss and death at the Stanford Commencement Address 2005, passed away battling pancreatic cancer. A very sad loss indeed.

CNN reported that when Michael Jackson passed away, Twitter encountered a rate of 500 tweets per second about MJ and yesterday when Steve Jobs passed away, Twitter was bombarded with 10,000 tweets per second about SJ! Everybody from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama to a teary Steve Wozniack (his best friend and Apple co-founder) paid homage to this great man. Microsoft announced that all its campuses around the world will fly their flags at half-staff for two consecutive days. Google displayed the following “Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011” on their homepage with a link to Flowers, signs, apples (both bitten and whole), hand-written letters and candles lined the steps of Apple’s flagship store. Millions of people who do not know him actually sat down crying on this piece of news. Many shut shop and started recollecting their nostalgic moments with Steve Jobs while wiping their tears. Others worked in the dark as a mark of respect. And many others like me ended up doing nothing but crying profusely.

So why did I cry for this gentleman when he passed away, though I had never met him and neither did he know me. Why did this fast-paced tech world suddenly applied a brake and paused down? Why why why ?

Well, the answer cannot be justified in this article of 400 words but if you press me for one, then i’d say ‘JUST BECAUSE HE WAS STEVE JOBS’ ! Even an iPhone says ‘No replacement’ when his name is typed in text. And surely it will be.

No one can ever replace you Steve. You inspired us a lot with everything you did, and made us believe in failures. You proved that even a small kid who returned coke bottles for the 5¢ deposits to buy food with, can make it big provided he loves what he did. And yesterday, when you left us all, you just made us realize the power of love.

The world will not be the same without you, Steve. It was you who made me get up at 3:00 am yesterday and start weeping insanely. No, Its not just these bucketful of tears or condolence messages that make it worth. Its something inside us which we have for you, RESPECT.

And we miss you deeply. REALLY :'(

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs. You will always stay with us !

Here is a collection of pictures of Steve Jobs which were floating all over the web:


Few Videos aired to pay Tribute to our beloved Steve Jobs

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