Technology and a Child’s First Steps in Reading

Born in the generation of New Media, children nowadays become introduced to the technologies of the Internet and digital devices at a rather young age. Despite all the controversy on this matter, we have to acknowledge that the early introduction of such devices helps children become literate and competent in utilizing such complex technology. With that in mind, these applications of science can be employed in refining the overall academic development of children.

As much as communication is key to knowledge acquisition and academic excellence, English Language Arts is a definite requisite to literacy development. Talented and Gifted by Kids Academy offers a comprehensive ELA program that covers the advancement of foundational reading skills. Parents get to conveniently utilize various learning tools focused on pivotal principles such as print concepts, phonological awareness, word recognition, and fluency. Interactive learning tools at Kids Academy are both strategically developed and aesthetically enjoyable which makes them effortlessly effective in teaching kids decoding words and analyzing word parts. The ELA program for K–Grade 3 at Talented and Gifted by Kids Academy has been proven highly effective in refining a child’s reading accuracy and fluency. Let us look at just a couple of early literacy activities found on the free learn to read app.

The ABC’s Game

This type of game helps children get interestingly engaged in learning the basics of the alphabet while having a rather enjoyable screen time. A child can click on the images shown for each letter to color them, see the word appear and listen to it.

The ABC Video Series

These cool and fun videos are an effortless solution for parents to get their children actively engaged in learning the ABC. The videos show how letters are formed and acquaint young learners with the sounds they make in different words that are all connected in an entertaining plot.

Interactive Worksheets

Children will surely have a great time practicing their skills in phonics, letter tracing, letters recognition, and many others through the auto-scored worksheets that can be printed or completed on the screen.

Talented and Gifted by Kids Academy recognizes the indispensable role of traditional teaching methods in guiding the academic development of children with the supplementation of kids school apps into the bargain. Talented and Gifted, that inter alia can be used as a free learn to read app, has been the go-to choice of thousands of parents for interactive academic activities on key subjects such as Mathematics, Science, ELA, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Arts, and even Chess Basics! With the aid of experienced education professionals, Kids Academy is equipped with thousands of curriculum-based videos, lessons, worksheets, quizzes, coloring pages, and games for children ages 2–10.

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