Ten tips for successful betting

The road to being a successful bettor is a long one and there is not always a clear answer. Our friends at Helpbet have provided us with this guide to show how you will find different tips that can help you win more and lose less as well as answer some of the most common questions bettors tend to have.

Have an account on many bookmakers

Having an account on every possible bookmaker is a huge boost for every player. Since not every bookmaker shares the same prices many players can exploit this to their advantage and make some serious profits. Sometimes due to the competition between bookmakers being fierce you may see big differences in odds so choosing the bookmaker with the best prices and odds is vital. This also gives you a bigger variety of special markets.

Open an account on a betting exchange

Opening an account on a betting exchange is a very important step especially for experienced bookmakers. This can help you bet to your heart’s content without having your account limited by the bookmaker, and in some cases, you can even become the bookmaker yourself if you are experienced enough to do so.

Stick to one sport and a few leagues

There are many different strategies to winning, too many to be precise, as each bettor has their own unique style of playing. The one and only unquestionable strategy that every bettor needs to follow is not to mess around with too many sports and leagues at a time. Focusing on one thing at a time and putting all your attention and effort into becoming an expert on that specific sport or league will help you raise your winning substantially.

Understand implied probability

A term everyone has to learn and understand is implied probability by using this formula (1/odds*100). This formula represents how probable the bookmakers think an outcome is so if your assessed percentage is higher than the bookmakers estimation then you should go for it. In other words, the implied probability is used to find out if the bet you are about to place is a valued one.

Profit with matched betting

In order to do this the first step is to have an account on two different bookmakers. One of the bookmakers must have high odds and the other one must offer a freebet or something similar on a specific match. To do this simply place a bet on both teams on both bookmakers so no matter which team wins in the end you will still end up having a little profit. Also to make sure that your account is not limited or closed make sure to place some bets in other types of bets as well.

Understand ROI when picking a tipster

ROI stands for Return On Investment and is a key indicator of the performance of a tipster. When searching for the right tipster to follow, make sure his stats are available. Following a tipster with a positive ROI will possibly lead you to better results in the future since that tipster is successful with their decisions.

Organize your bankroll & stake

Planning out in advance your budget and how much you are willing to spend on each bet can help keep you away from making mistakes and overspending. Betting can be very addicting sometimes even to the best of us and having self-control when it matters is extremely important.

Remove sentiment from betting

This applies to every sport but more specifically to team sports like football. We all have a favourite team that we want to win but when betting we have to act like pros. Always remember to bet on the team you really believe will win, not on the one that you want to win as our priority is to make a profit.

Keep a record

Taking notes of both your wins and your losses can be extremely helpful in the long run. It will show you what you did right as well as what you did wrong and should avoid repeating in the future. Many people tend to ignore this but it really can make a big difference.

Avoid placing “fun bets”

Many people tend to wonder if they can make a profit from “fun bets”, and the answer is always NO. There is no such thing as a “fun bet” as there is nothing funny about losing money. Backing up an improbable outcome can sound fun sometimes and on some occasions can even work out in your favour but in the long run, you will most certainly lose much more than gain.