The Advantages Of Getting A Consumer DSLR Camera Over A More Expensive Model

Quality photos usually depend on the photographer, not the camera. Indeed, some costlier cameras also boast of high sophistication and other features that make shooting enjoyable and easier. However, you can still get the same utility from using a consumer DSLR camera depending on your capability to shoot beautiful photos. Read on to learn the advantages of getting a consumer DSLR camera over a more expensive model.

A Single Battery Charge Gives you More

Running out of battery is frustrating, especially if you do not have a spare with you. However, with consumer DSLRs, you can enjoy long-lasting battery life. Depending on the type of camera, you can achieve thousands of photoshoots before the battery dies. In contrast, expensive cameras have several functionalities that can drain the battery quickly. Each function of these latest digital cameras is battery-powered. As a result, your battery will quickly deplete.

Gain More Control

One major aspect that makes expensive cameras stand out from the traditional ones is that they are more advanced. They come with dials, dedicated buttons, switches, and more options that are designed to help you customize the settings to suit your shooting needs, and with this review of the Canon Rebel T7, you will realize that some higher-end cameras provide faster autofocus-point selection. These options make shooting faster and enjoyable.

Quality Pictures

For just under $1,000, the conventional DSLRs offer quality pictures. The consumer DSLRs help the consumers get better photos, and the quality is just in the same category as these new models and expensive cameras. DSLR cameras are very flexible since they allow you to change the lenses and control different aspects of photography although they are bulky. They also have plenty of manual controls that include shutter speed, aperture, and ISO levels. The only difference is that model cameras offer a slightly more professional shooting experience, and they also come with more individual control than consumer-level cameras.

Some Things are Just Expensive

Marketers aim to maximize profits for their goods, especially if they are new in the market. You will realize that some of these prices have nothing to do with the costs involved in manufacturing, developing, distributing, and even supporting the product. Most high prices are just a result of the fact that the product is still new on the market. On the other hand, it is believed that a premium pricing strategy contributed to the perceived value of the market offering.

Perceived value is mainly driven by personal preference. In some cases, a premium product may offer value whereas this might not be the case to some individuals who do not care about prestige or brand reputation. In reality, the consumer DSLR cameras also offer equally better performance than their expensive counterparts.


Most traditional DSLRs offer 95% accuracy yet digital electronic viewfinders provide 100 percent accuracy at all times. However, the difference in the quality of photos captured by these two types of cameras is negligible. In other words, the primary difference comes in the form of pricing of the latest models. The less expensive DSLRs have sensors that consist of about 40 percent of the area of a full-frame 35 mm sensor. You can adjust the magnification of traditional cameras to achieve high-quality images. Larger sensors on the camera can give you cleaner images.

Subject Detection

The traditional DSLRs have dedicated phase-detect AF modules, and this is one of their greatest advantages. The system helps you to track your subjects and also estimate the distance between you and the target. This detect element found in consumer DSLR cameras helps improve the quality of the shots since it offers better resolution and precision. Optical viewfinders are also another benefit of these cameras as they provide a better experience to the photographers by seeing through the lens. These mirrorless cameras have the advantage of not having an LCD which can make shooting challenging under bright conditions.

High-quality photos are every photographer’s dream, and this can be determined by the type of camera that you are using. It seems there are certain advantages of getting a consumer DSLR camera over a more expensive model. These traditional cameras have features that make them outstanding, and in some cases, they can beat the new models. Apart from high prices, new models offer almost similar performance to the consumer cameras. Consumer devices provide better performance than many cameras depending on how well you can capture good images.  More importantly, the traditional gadgets can save power, and you can enjoy several shots on a single charge.

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