The Benefits You Deserve In A Social Security Disability Claim

Many of us work in fields that involve operating heavy machines and hazardous tools. A small human error is sufficient to cause an accident, and that can happen to anybody at any time. All working individuals pay a social security tax to the government that can be redeemed by that individual in case of a disabling accident. This social security backup is also known as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), while the cases of disability benefits are handled by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Suppose you or someone you know gets in a disabling accident, you must know the benefits you deserve in a social security disability claim. This guide illustrates who can qualify for the claims and the benefits that come with the insurance.

Who Qualifies For SSDI Claims?

There is a certain criterion that is used to determine whether an individual qualifies for social security disability insurance. This decision is taken by the SSA (Social Security Administration). In order to receive the benefits of disability insurance, an individual must have a track record of paying social security taxes and a former employment record of at least 5 to 10 years. The individual must be totally disabled by an illness or injury. They must prove to the Social Security Administration that they cannot perform their former work or any type of work because of their disability. The condition of the individual must last more than 12 months for the individual to qualify for the insurance. Based on all the received information, the SSA then makes a decision whether an individual is eligible for the social security disability insistence claim and the amount of money they’ll receive if qualified.

Things About Social Security Disability Insurance You Must Know

How Are Benefits Calculated

If a working person is rendered disabled by an accident, the government takes the responsibility of securing that person’s future. With regular allowances, the welfare of the disabled individual is ascertained. Depending on the number of years that the individual worked and the amount of money they earned before their disability, an average lifetime income is calculated by the Social Security Administration. The formula of average lifetime income and working digestion helps the SSA to calculate the social security disability insurance benefit amount. The California-based attorneys for Social Security Disability Insurance at suggest opting for a free disability evaluation with an experienced attorney. It is an easy way to evaluate your chances of winning the insurance claim.

When the Social Security Administration makes a decision about an individual’s eligibility, they explain their decision in a letter. If the applying individual is not satisfied by the SSA’s decision, they can file an appeal for their case to be reconsidered. In cases of reconsideration, the SSA goes through every piece of information again, even through the points which were in your favor before.

Personal Benefits

Once the claim is passed, the disabled individual receives monthly cash payments, medical care, and other provisions. They get enough help to provide for their family, visit the doctor, procure medications, and pay bills. The extra medical care from Social Security Medicare covers the cost of monthly co-payments, deductibles, prescription drugs, and other expenses that a disabled person cannot afford. A disabled individual who is qualified for social security disability insurance benefits may receive the cost of food in addition to supplemental nutrition assistance.

Benefits For The Family

If the individual receiving SSDI benefits have children, a separate form can be submitted to obtain financial aid for their education. In case of the death of a disabled parent, the children of the deceased person may receive the benefits of their Social Security Disability Insurance. Children under the age of 18 may also receive the benefits of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). They may also qualify for the nutritional programs. Their educational and medical needs will be taken care of by the Social Security Administration.

Dealing with the hardships of disability is worrisome enough without the individual having to fight for the benefits they deserve. The success of a disabled individual’s claim largely depends on how well the paperwork is prepared and the intensity of the appeal. A professional social security disability insurance attorney can help an applicant from the process of application to the hearing. Such support is tremendously important to relieve the disabled individual from financial, psychological, and emotional burdens. The best attorneys in the United States only charge their fee when they win the case, so the applicant has nothing to lose. With a team of experts at your disposal, the long and tedious processes get streamlined in the best possible way.