The best apps for streaming live sports on iOS

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If you were foolish enough not to purchase an android device for your smartphone, then you’re more than likely suffering with an iPhone. The reason we say suffering, is because iPhones and other iOS devices are much more restrictive than their competitors. Whereas you can install any number of services on an android device, even if it isn’t in the play store because you can download the .apk files directly.

However, this is not the case on iOS devices. Apple is much more strict when it comes to applications, and unless you purchase a developer kit for iOS devices, it’s likely you’ll struggle to install files from unknown sources. This in fairness to Apple, is why their devices, from their phones to their top of the range MacBooks, are rated so highly by security experts. Because they never really get infected with viruses as they keep everything tightly controlled.

So despite the old Apple motto being “there’s an app for that” there tend to be more apps for that on Android. That said, it doesn’t mean there aren’t good apps on iOS devices, especially for sports fans. And we’ll take a quick look now at some of the top apps available on iOS devices for streaming live sports.

Betting Apps

When you think of betting apps, you probably associate them with being there purely for checking out things like the latest nfl odds, and for placing bets on your favorite sporting events. But betting sites offer so much more nowadays. No longer do they offer a simple service for placing bets and claiming your winnings. They now offer blogs with betting advice, give you access to stats and tables, and even have live coverage.

Whilst many apps provide live text updates or real-time updates for scores and plays in games, they also offer something else. Watching live sports. That’s right, many betting services now also have live streams where you can watch the events you’re betting on. Whether that be basketball, boxing or football (soccer), they have access to streams from all over the world.

The only downside is they don’t tend to have the biggest of games available, so you won’t get to watch the Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees or Liverpool FC vs Manchester United. But there is a pretty good selection. Whilst some sites offer this service free, others may require you to place a minimum bet to give you access, after all, these streams will have cost them money to purchase.


One of the newest apps on the market for watching live sports is DAZN Sports. DAZN is now a global force in the sporting world, offering a subscription-based streaming service, similar to Amazon’s Prime Sports which is included with their Prime Video subscription. You pay a monthly cost to get access to some of the biggest and best events around.

It launched in Europe in 2016, before branching out to Asia and North America shortly after. And now, they’re signing uprights for sporting events, with one of their biggest deals recently being for Boxing. The benefit of this service, unlike traditional sports providers who have cable and satellite channels, is that it costs much less, and you’re not tied into a 12, 18, 24, or however many month contract traditional providers try to tie you to.

And they’ve got some big financial backing, so expect the service to grow and offer more events in the future. It is more limited at the moment, but if you like the sports they offer currently, it is well worthwhile checking out. Especially with them offering some excellent trial packages for minimal costs.

BT Sport and ESPN

Depending on if you’re in the UK or the US, you will get access to ESPN with both these apps. BT Sport bought them out in the UK, but they still have their own service in the US, and both providers offer apps that allow you to stream live games on a number of platforms, including iOS devices. The only downside is you need to have a subscription to their services to watch anything they show, excluding their free highlights and clips.

This is usually much more expensive as you’re paying for TV Packages, not a subscription service, and they normally have minimum contract terms. However, they do have access to a whole range of events, and if you’re on your travels, maybe round at a friend or on holiday and have access to a smart TV, you can stream these apps to it so you’re not watching on a tiny screen.


Whilst this is not a conclusive list, these are some of the best apps you can find right now on iOS devices if you want to watch live sports. There are others available too, so have a search around, and if you have your own sports provider on your TV package, then more than likely they’ll have an app for you. But services like DAZN are becoming more popular, so don’t be surprised if you see more popping up like this in the coming years.