The Best iOS Weather Apps For 2020

There are a lot of different weather apps on the market now and it seems like new ones spring up every day. It can be hard to figure out which app is the best and which ones just don’t work as they should, but after reading this article, you won’t have to do any of the leg work.

These are the best iOS consumer weather apps you can download in 2020.

1. ClimaCell Weather Assistant

ClimaCell Weather Assistant provided by ClimaCell takes an innovative approach to weather forecasting by augmenting existing weather data with connected data from devices such as cell towers, aircraft, and drones to increase the accuracy of their forecasting.

In addition, the app has a clean and intuitive interface that can be quickly mastered.

ClimaCell Weather Assistant also provides hyper-local forecasts which can narrow down your weather forecast to a city block, perfect for those last-minute barbecues. In addition to these features, there are severe weather alerts that can help you to stay safe.

You can download ClimaCell Weather Assistant on the Apple App Store.

2. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is one of the few weather apps available that rely on a true community to make their forecasts possible. The app draws its information from a group of over 30,000 individual or amateur weather stations. This allows for widespread and incredibly localized forecasting.

The app’s crowd reporting functionality allows users to verify forecasts and add their own hazard alerts.

In addition to the forecasting features, the app also makes use of mapping technology, with a large number of different overlays. Severe weather alerts will appear in your notifications whilst giving you access to a wealth of meteorological data.

You can download Weather Underground on the Apple App Store.

3. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is a great free option if you are looking for a new weather app. Despite being supported by adverts, the app provides swathes of meteorological data including the standard information such as temperature, wind conditions, and visibility levels which are shown hourly and daily, with forecasts stretching for a maximum of ten days.

The app also has an interactive map feature that can show radar data that includes rainfall and severe weather alerts.

In addition to the weather features, the app also has some social features so that users can upload photos, tweets, and videos.

You can download The Weather Channel from the Apple App Store.

4. 1Weather

Originally only an Android app, 1Weather has eventually made its way over to the iOS arena. Users who want a no-nonsense experience will be delighted with the rapid summary of incoming weather information coupled with hourly, ten-day, and twelve-week forecasts.

Also within this app is a map functionality that comes with customizable information layers including, but not limited to severe weather alerts.

You can download 1Weather on the Apple App Store.

5. Emergency: Alerts (American Red Cross)

This is one of those apps from the American Red Cross that you download with the hope of never having to use it, however, if you do need to use it, you will be glad that you had it available.

The app itself scours for severe weather alerts which can range from flooding to hurricanes and whilst you can just add your hometown, you can also add locations where you have loved ones or vested interests.

The alerts in this app are completely customizable and will give you a map that points to your local shelters, should you need to take cover. The app also provides safety tips and tips on preparation so that you’ll never be caught out, should the worst happen.

You can download Emergency: Alerts on the Apple App Store.


In conclusion, the apps that we have covered all have their own unique advantages and will be better suited to the needs of some users than others. If you want hyper-accurate and local forecasting then ClimaCell Weather Assistant would be the one for you, whereas if you are wary of severe weather then Emergency: Alerts would be ideal for you. This article will have allowed you to find the best app for your needs.