The best mobile apps to potentially make money

Isn’t technology just great? We are at a stage in our lives where a person can simply sit in their home and make a significant income to live comfortably. Yes, one needs to have some talent, a sense of adventure, basic money to invest, and a smartphone. But with these four things, and a hint of luck, they can soon enough find themselves earning daily profits or even a life-changing jackpot.

When we talk about making money using a smartphone, the one thing that helps us do that is apps. Different types of apps on smartphones cater to various industries. Some of these apps don’t require much from your phone, while other apps can be beneficial only if you have better features, like a good camera or sound. So, it is always advisable that if you want to make a profit using apps, choose one of the best smartphones in the market that come with all the necessary bells and whistles including the latest camera, excellent graphics, a long battery life, and easy usability.


Amateur or professional photographers can earn a lot by using Foap. The app works on the simple premise where users create a profile and then upload their photos. Foap has many agencies, companies, and brands that they work with, and if anyone likes your photo, they take it for a price. The good thing about Foap is that you can post pre-taken photos or also work with brands and take exclusive ones for them, which get you a higher fee. Having a smartphone with the latest camera means you can click the photos and upload them on Foap instantly, resulting in a hassle-free procedure where you can focus solely on your photography skills.


Admittedly, the Uber app requires you to have a car, but even if you are leasing one, it is still an excellent way to make extra or full-time money using your phone. Being an Uber driver, or one for Lyft means that you can work whenever you want. Moreover, if you are good at it, then you get better tips from customers in addition to the cost of the trip. The trick is to always keep your car clean and smelling nice. It also helps if you are a people person and enjoy driving.

Online Casino

When we look at an entire business, the casino industry has been at the forefront of making it easy for people to earn profits from home. Having a casino app installed on your phone means you can play and win at any time of the day, irrespective of where you are in the world. When you look at the best casino sites available, you will notice that they all offer amazing bonuses for players. Moreover, online casinos come with multiple gaming options such as poker, slots, blackjack, sports betting, and feature options that are both entertaining and lucrative for players of all budgets. It is the best way to earn money while having busloads of fun.

Survey Junkie

There are different types of apps when it comes to earning an income. Some let you have fun, while others require you to work a little. Survey Junkie though only wants you to take surveys, plain and simple. The user creates a profile that consists of specific options that then allows companies to send them online surveys. Once complete, the user gets points in the app. These points can later be exchanged for gift cards at leading department stores. Earning money can’t get any simpler than this.