The Best Parental Control App for Android and iPhone 2021

Does your kid tuck away the phone when you walk into the room? Well, you might want to put a leash on the device before things get out of hand. That is especially important if you find apps like Snapchat, Tinder, and WhatsApp installed.

Most people turn to parental control apps to keep an eye on their children’s online activities. They get access to location data, screen time statistics, and even messages. 

That said:

Here are some of the best parental control apps in 2021.


Spyine is a leading spyware solution with millions of happy users in 190+ countries. It has featured in major publications such as The New York Times, Forbes, and Android Authority, which says a lot about their service quality.

Why is Spyine the #1 spy tool in the market right now?

Screen time restriction: This feature allows parents to control how long they can use the device in a day. It does this by disabling the phone or tablet after the allocated time depletes. Think of it as a way to teach your child how to manage time, a skill they will need later in life.

Block websites: With this app, you’ll never have to worry about your child’s online adventures. Activate content filtering, and Spyine will block most pornography sites and any other websites of your choice. You can also block internet access without touching the target phone.

Access deleted records: Spyine records everything you need to know, even when the target phone is offline. It stores a copy of this info in a hidden container in the phone’s memory then sends it to your dashboard when the device comes back online.

Android and iOS solutions: This app offers Android and iOS solutions, and they both get all the info you need without rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

Overall, Spyine will work well in most applications. That includes instances when you need to track tech-savvy teenagers. Think of it as a private detective who will report more information than you need.


Minspy is another great spyware tool with millions of happy customers from all over the world. Most of these people use it to track partners, kids, and employees on Android and iOS devices. They have also featured in major publications like the PC World, Tech Advisor, and Life wire.

What makes Minspy an excellent tool for parental control?

Stealth mode: You can spy on targets without raising suspicion. Minspy works silently in the background, and you can even remove it from the app list. That helps keep your field agent undercover.

No rooting required: Many spy apps on the internet require root access to work, but Spyine does not. Set up takes only a few minutes, and you’ll never have to touch the target’s phone again. Jailbreaking and rooting put your device at risk of data loss and malware infection.

Location Tracking: Know where your child goes after school with this military-grade location tracking feature. It uses GPRS to put your child’s location on a Google map, and you can even activate a geofence alert. That is a handy feature for busy parents who often leave their kids home alone or with a teenage nanny.

No-Installation on the admin side: Your child will never see suspicious apps on your phone as you will access the data from a web-based dashboard. Monitoring starts moments after successful installation on the target device.


FoneMonitor promises to give users full access to the target phone, and they have delivered. This app allows you to log in to WiFi connections remotely, take screenshots and track evasive apps like Viber, QQ, and Tinder. That’s part of the reason they have featured in reputable publications such as Mac World, 9to5Mac, and Tom’s Guide.

What can you expect from FoneMonitor?

Access to text messages: Read every text message your target phone receives or sends, plus the other end’s contact details. This info alone is worth the monthly fee for this app.

View contact lists: Ever wanted to know your child’s friends and connections? Well, this is your chance. Explore your child’s phonebook to see all their contacts whenever you want. You might be surprised at what you find out.

Track and Block Installed Apps: Block any age-inappropriate apps on your child’s phone. Think Tinder, Snapchat, and other dating apps that might expose your child to adult content or worse. These restrictions can be temporary, or you could put a permanent ban.

View Media files: Get to see every media file and documents that your target phone receives. You also know the contact or website it came from so you can take the necessary steps.


Cocospy is a leading spyware tool with over a million users from 190+ countries. Most of these people are concerned parents, worried employers, and cybersecurity experts.

What does Cocospy bring to the table?

SIM card info: Do you suspect your child has a secret phone number? Find out using this brilliant feature that shows the IMEI number, network carrier info, and other relevant details. This neat feature comes in handy when dealing with teenage kids.

Check browser history: You get to see every website your target phone visits. You can then use this information to block sites or allocate usage restrictions. It is also an excellent way to know your child’s interests and desires.

Track location: FoneMonitor allows you to see your target’s location in real-time. The phone has to be online for this to work, but that is usually not a problem as most kids will spend 80% of their screen time on the internet.

Over to You

There you have it, the top four mobile spy apps that work for android and iOS devices. Spyine is still the most exciting option in this list as it has most of the features you can possibly want in a spy app. What’s more, this app comes with cutting edge technology, so you can still use it on tech-savvy partners and employees. 

Still, there are options in this list that would work in specific situations. For example, FoneMonitor could be a good option when dealing with a cheating partner. It can take screenshots of hidden apps, something that most spy tools cannot do.

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