The Big Wave Business Games Are There to Bring You Success

Nothing makes your company better than communication. And how to bring your team closer if not with the help of some social activities? The Big Wave agency based in the South West, with offices in Exeter, Torbay, and Plymouth, offers you an exciting opportunity to work on your communication skills and have some fun. All you have to do is find a team, register – and take part in the annual Business Games.

The event consists of various corporate games, including mini Olympics, tenpin bowling, pub quiz, bell boat racing, and many others. You participate not only to experience some rivalry and try to win as many points as possible but also to raise money for local charitable causes. And that’s not everything. Want to know why your company should give Business Games a try? Read on.

Team-Building Is Important

The main goal of any team-building activity is to boost your team spirit. However, the games offer much more than that. Whether you want to run your company better, improve customer service, or ensure that your organisation is a safe place where everyone feels good, the Bigwave Business Games will give a possibility to improve all the necessary skills. Among others, they will help you to:

  • develop teamwork, as you need to cooperate on many levels in order to win;
  • improve communication skills and learn how to work with others;
  • increase productivity;
  • reduce stress levels, as team games are relaxing and enjoyable;
  • allow you to socialise outside of the workplace;
  • help build a better company culture;
  • provide a positive working environment;
  • give your employees the opportunity to develop their skills and learn something new.

And even if you are not going to participate in the games, you can always find another team-building activity – for example, designing games on – and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

Finding Commercial Partner Can Be Super Beneficial

While the rivalry is normal in the business world, finding trustworthy commercial partners can be highly beneficial for your business. After all, you can’t do everything by yourself – you need people who will help you create a good marketing strategy, make a website, provide supplies, and help with anything else your company needs to function properly.

And what better way to find new allies than to participate in fun team-building events such as Business Games? You won’t get a better chance to find a reliable commercial partner.

During the Games, you will meet people who are at the same stage of development as you, as well as those who can provide you with assistance in your business growth. At the same time, most of them will be open to establishing new contacts, so you can take advantage of this.

Building Brand Awareness Is Essential For Getting Clients

Not only is branding an important tool for promoting your business, but it’s also an essential part of any marketing strategy. The more you build your brand awareness, the more people will recognise your products and services – and decide to buy them.

However, branding gives you much more than just a possibility to sell your products; it increases your company’s value and makes it a more attractive business for potential investors. And one of the best things you can do to increase your brand awareness is to take part in the Business Games.

While participating in the games is one step you can take, you can also become a sponsor of the event. Payment options vary from £199 to £2,000.00 – but what you get in return is definitely worth it. Big Wave claims that by sponsoring the games, you get a chance to:

  • Boost brand awareness;
  • Connect with other professionals who share your interests;
  • Find customers to test new products or services for your company;
  • Reach your target audience within those of the most influential local firms.

Do we need to say more than that? Take a minute to consider all the possibilities you get from joining such a team-building event – and in the meantime, learn more about what the Games look like.

What Is the Offer?

The Big Wave Business Games offer a whole variety of exciting games – so you and your employees will definitely find something engaging. Depending on the location, you can take part in:

  • Treasure Hunt;
  • Mini Olympics;
  • Clip ‘n’ Climb;
  • Bell Boat Race at the Quay;
  • Pub Quiz;
  • Ten Pin Bowling;
  • Indoor Soft Tennis;
  • Mat Bowls;
  • Golf;
  • Tennis;
  • Inflatable Olympics.

What Do You Need to Take Part in the Business Games?

First, choose your location – the Games take part in Exeter, Torbay, and Plymouth. Then, visit the official web page of the event (you can also contact the organising company directly), register the team, and pay an entrance fee (it was around £549 + VAT per team for all events in 2019). Please bear in mind that due to the pandemic, all sporting events are now cancelled. To take part, you will have to wait until the games officially start.

Final Thoughts

If nothing else, the Big Wave Business Games will definitely help you and your employees to build a stronger team spirit. However, what really matters is that it will also allow you to improve communication skills, manage time and stress, and increase your brand awareness. Moreover, you will be able to help raise money for local charitable causes – and do good both for your company and for the world around you.

And when you decide to take part in the games, remember – it’s not the trophies that matter. After all, it’s all about building an amazing team – and having fun.