The Definitive Guide to the Best Video Marketing Strategy for Social Media

Video marketing is one of the hottest trends in online advertising, and it’s not hard to see why. Videos allow you to connect with your customers in ways that text and static images simply can’t, and they have the potential to skyrocket your social media engagement, boost your search rankings, and earn you more leads than ever before.

Plus, they are pretty easy to create once you get your hands on an easy video editor. So how do you go about creating video content that can up the ante on your social media presence? Follow this guide to find out!

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a powerful way to connect with your audience. It can be used in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular ones is video marketing for social media.

If you’re not already utilizing this tactic to promote your business, you should start now! To help get you started, we’ve put together a guide outlining the basics of how to do it correctly.

How to Start Video Marketing for Social Media?

Video marketing is a great way to reach your audience and show them who you are, what you do, and why they should care.

This guide will show you everything you need to know about video marketing for social media.

Set Your Goals:  What are you trying to accomplish with your videos? Do you want more leads or sales? Do you want more engagement on social media or an increase in traffic to your website? Knowing what your goals are will help determine how much time and money you spend on video marketing. 

Define Your Target Audience:  Depending on your business and industry, there might already be some assumptions about who your target audience is. However, if you don’t have any preconceived notions about who watches your videos, then you might need to run a few focus groups or surveys first to figure it out. With a clearly defined target audience, you can develop content that speaks directly to their interests, challenges and values. You can consult with a professional videographer or collaborate with an experienced video marketing agency in Australia that will help you decide which social media channels would best reach that group so that your video is seen by the people who need to see it most. Ultimately, investing time upfront in digging deep into who makes up your target customer base will pay off with more successful and far-reaching marketing videos.

Plan Ahead: The best thing to do before starting any kind of project is to plan it out so there’s no room for surprises later down the road. What exactly are you going to say? Who’s your target audience? Where will you post the videos, and can other people find them easily? Planning takes time, but it’ll save you time and headaches down the line.

Decide How You Want To Use Videos On Social Media: It’s important that when deciding which social media channels to use that you think about where your customer lives (or spends most of their time) so that they can see your content as soon as possible. Facebook may be a good place to share short tutorials, while YouTube may be better suited for longer clips.

What are the Different Types of Videos You Can Create?

Videos are a great marketing tool because they can be tailored to any audience and have the potential to reach a large number of people.

There are many different types of videos you can create, and you must understand what each type does. 

1) Pre-recorded video: This is one of the most common videos used by businesses today. The video has been pre-recorded and uploaded online. These types of videos are not live or interactive in nature. These videos work best when they provide useful information, such as how to assemble a product, how to use a certain product, or how to set up an app.

Here are a few types you can try out:

  1. a) Behind-the-scenes: This type of pre-recorded video shares a look behind the scenes of your business. You can give a tour, show how something is made, or even bring customers to an event that is coming up. This helps people feel like they are part of what you are doing. It allows them to see what goes on behind closed doors and learn about your business culture. 
  2. b) How-to: This type of video offers a specific tutorial that includes information about a topic. How-to videos are best when they are made for consumers and allow them to learn new skills. You can also create them using an online video editor that will make them cost-effective and convenient to produce.  

2) Live-streaming video: This type of video is created and broadcast in real-time. The content creator uploads a live stream, which is available for anyone who visits their channel to watch. These videos can be recorded or edited and uploaded later if necessary. 

  1. a) Q&A: This type of video offers a platform where customers can ask questions and receive answers from people in your business. These videos are best when they are focused on a specific topic or category. You can then archive these videos, so anyone with questions will know how to find them later.

What are the Best Practices for Creating and Promoting Videos?

  • Keep your videos short and sweet. Videos that are less than two minutes are much more likely to be watched in their entirety. 
  • Make sure you’re using a high-definition camera or at least uploading your video in HD. When it comes to production value, the higher, the better. 
  • Upload your video on YouTube, then embed it on your social media pages so that people can watch it from there too. 
  • Use hashtags as a way to get others to find your content: research what hashtags other similar videos use, and use those when publishing yours. 
  • Get engagement by asking questions in the title of your posts, such as What would you do? or Who’s right? It’ll make people want to share their thoughts with the world! 
  • Get your viewers involved by posting a video of yourself asking them questions, and have them comment with their answers. When you reply, they’re more likely to engage in conversation with you and increase their investment in your brand. 
  • Promote your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Embed links directly into your content so that interested people can watch it immediately. You should also promote these videos to your followers across social media platforms.

How Do You Measure the Success of Your Video Marketing Efforts?

Measurement and analysis is an important aspect of video marketing, as it helps you determine which videos were successful and which were not.

Two main types of metrics can be used to measure your video marketing: engagement and impact.

Engagement metrics refer to things like shares, comments, likes, etc. Impact metrics refer to things like click-throughs, subscriptions, leads generated, etc. You should use both metrics to get a complete picture of how effective your video marketing efforts are. 

Here’s how you can measure it:

Facebook Analytics:  A key component of measuring the success of your video marketing strategy is looking at what people do on Facebook after they watch your videos.

If people share or comment on your posts, this is a good sign that they’re enjoying them! And if someone goes so far as to create a link back to one of your videos from their own post, you’ve really struck a chord with them!

The higher these numbers go up on Facebook analytics, the better your social media strategy has been.

Instagram Insights:  When uploading to Instagram, it’s important to monitor the number of likes per photo, as well as the number of comments and stories shared.

If someone takes time out of their day to specifically engage with your brand by commenting on your photo or sharing a story with their followers, then you know they appreciate what you have to offer!


Video marketing is a great way to reach your audience and tell them about your business. Using video marketing can help you generate more leads, increase sales and get more customers.

We hope the guide above will help you figure out what type of video marketing strategy to use. Remember, it’s all about finding what works best for you and your company!

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