The Latest Tech Trends That Will Change PCs and Laptops Soon

It has now been more than 40 years since mobile computers were first introduced to the world. Since then, PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets have followed! Looking back on the history of personal devices, it is nothing short of impressive how the modern world has been supported by the innovation of technology that millions around the world use throughout each day.

Tech trends are constantly advancing, and in this digital age where remote working and nomad employees are becoming more commonplace, it is unsurprising where technology innovation is heading. Essentially, tech products are becoming faster, thinner, and lighter. Let’s take a look at which trends will change the face of laptops, and potentially the need for PCs at all. 

Enlarged Display Screens

Overall, the size of display screens is growing, but this does not come at the expense of increased device size. Creating thinner bezels – the edge around the screen of a device – has been a trend for some years. But now, the chase for thin bezels has paid off to tremendously increase the real estate of the screen! HP, for instance, was able to increase its screen-to-body ratio from 80% to 90%.

With greater screen display space, some companies are adjusting their aspect ratio. Though most are keeping the standard 16:9 ratio, some have accommodated the greater vertical depth to accommodate 16:10. Companies like Acer have managed to go back to the 3:2 ratio, saying that it offers 18% more depth than 16:9.

This is excellent news for professionals who spend large amounts of time focused on visual and content creation, for example, web developers, design teams, and companies working in post-production. With higher screen resolution, greater web page viewing, and increased productivity, many will be stoked to see how this trend changes the industry!

Using smaller webcams in the top laptop bezel, some cameras have now reduced their IR camera size from more than 6mm to as thin as 2.2mm. And one of the best outcomes of developments like these is the innovation of ultraportable tech. 

All Things Ultraportable!

Thinner and lighter is the way to go, with companies having invested millions into the design and development of devices that offer many of the advantages of smartphones. Some new ultraportables now have an all-day battery life, with some possessing a capacity to operate for 30-hours without charge. Devices are also being designed with an “instant on” function, able to go from sleep mode to wake instantly.

Companies investing in ultraportables, like Apple, Intel, Dell, Lenovo, and HP, have created laptops that are likely going to revolutionize the need for PCs and bulkier laptops. Plus, with weight reductions that will astound even the most tech-savvy individual, the future is approaching fast! 

Lighter Is Best

The focus on weight reduction in laptops will truly transform the everyday use of personal devices. It is becoming commonplace to find notebooks weighing 3 pounds, with some lightweight notebooks weighing in at as little as 1.85 pounds! If this does not shock you, then perhaps it might impress you to know that there are 17-inch laptops that weigh less than 3 pounds. But, among others, this weight reduction is largely possible thanks to improved graphics, memory, and advanced processing capacities.

Enhanced Processing

Currently, high-end gaming laptops are installed with graphic boards that have a 4000 APU, while other devices are boasting graphics cards with a 2080 “super” GPU. Taking a look at comparison sites, like, will give you a much better understanding of the enormous range of laptops on the market. Being able to review trends and compare new products is the best way to see if there is any tech that is catching your attention.

Due to improved quality, there should be no doubt that your laptop investment will serve you over the next couple of years, at least. But at the rate that laptops are developing, the landscape of technology is bound to look very different by then.

Future of Tech

Some laptop models now boast more pixels than a 4K TV, while others are being designed to incorporate 5G modems. The latest advancements – such as foldable or dual-screen laptops – will bring exciting innovations that will change everything about our working requirements, connectivity issues, and our lifestyle.

Imagine being able to prop a laptop screen up like a book? Or folding a laptop, as in the case of Intel’s Horseshoe Bend prototype, to use the bottom section of the screen as a keyboard? Especially with the advancement of heavy-duty PC-type features within these lightweight notebooks, the use of PCs has largely been redundant. We cannot stop the unbelievable evolution of tech, and nor should we want to. We need to get ready to fully embrace the future of tech and change with innovation, the future is here!

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