The must-have technology to bring your home into the future

Whether it’s to impress your friends and family when they come over to visit, or simply to make your life a little bit easier on a day to day basis, there are plenty of reasons to integrate some more tech products throughout your home. Want to make your house a little bit more forward-thinking and futuristic? For inspiration, here are some of the must-have technology products that you might want to consider.

‘Smart Home’ Technology

A system of electronic products that string together in their own network within your home (known as the ‘internet of things’), Smart home products are an incredible way of simplifying your life indoors and building a handy schedule within your apartment or house.

New to the concept of smart home technology? Here are some of the key components that might benefit you:

  • The Smart Assistant – Set up through Google or Amazon Echo speakers (which you likely will have seen advertised in stores around Christmas time), smart assistants act sort of as a hub for smart home products, allowing you to control them through voice controls. At the very least, these are a great starting point, allowing you to set timers, alarms, reminders, play music, and even ask for weather recommendations or recipes. Neat, right?
  • Smart Plugs – Got an old lamp that you really love or a fan that you wish you could automate and make turn itself off at night? By purchasing a passthrough smart plug, you can turn any of your old household appliances into ‘smart’ devices. By using these plug devices, you can connect the power outlet to the rest of your smart home network, turning things on and off remotely or even controlling them through set timers.
  • Smart Heating – Controllable through a smartphone application and able to be turned on remotely when you’re not even home smart heating is a great way of not only having better control of your home’s temperature but also possibly saving some money in the process.

Did you know – Smart technology is continuing to surge in popularity, and is already being introduced from the get-go into a modern apartment and flat buildings throughout cities in the UK and Europe. Property investment company RWinvest, for example, utilise efficient lighting and security systems throughout some of their luxury apartments in Liverpool and Manchester. Helping tenants to reach their full potential within their home, this tech clearly is a good idea for many reasons, and perhaps a worthwhile investment to look into.

PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X

If you’re a gamer, then you’ll have no doubt heard about the brand-new flagship consoles coming out this fall from industry giants Sony and Microsoft. With last generation’s PS4 and Xbox One has come out almost seven years ago at this point, it’s about time that we made a leap forward, and if the launch line up of games from what we’ve seen so far is anything to go by, we’re in for a treat. Of course, if you aren’t into your games necessarily then there are some alternative benefits, such as the 4K Blu Ray player on the PS5 console for example, which will allow you to watch your films in crisp UHD.

Providing everything goes to plan, which both console manufacturers have voiced their confidence in, both systems should be readily available. However, there could be issues with stock due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and so you might want to get your hands on one of these sooner rather than later. The prices, however, have yet to be revealed, which means you also might want to start saving up that pocket change, as they could be pricey!