The OnePlus 8 Pro: The Ultimate Smartphone for Streaming

The versatility of smartphones has seen them usurp other technologies that allow us to complete everyday tasks, stopping us from firing up computers to check emails, or from hunting for a calculator when we need mathematical assistance. Despite their comparatively small screens, smartphones have also become many people’s default method of streaming a range of media. This is because a smartphone of the calibre of the OnePlus 8 Pro delivers a top-notch streaming experience.

The rise of streaming

Streaming has become popular in several parts of the entertainment industry. As of April 2020, Netflix boasted 182 million subscribers worldwide, with many people opting for the flexibility of streaming over the rigidity of television schedules. Streaming tech has enabled online casino games to be operated in real-time by real hosts, with providers like Betway offering a wide variety of live roulette and blackjack options. Sports streaming has also become increasingly popular according to Forbes, with around 65% of fans in 2019 consuming sports via smartphone video.

While most smartphones can handle a YouTube video without breaking a sweat, those videos are often over in a few minutes. When watching a Netflix series, participating in live casino games, or following a sporting match, it is important that smartphone users feel as immersed as possible without worrying about their battery letting them down. This brings us to a smartphone that streaming fans can rely on the OnePlus 8 Pro.

The detail of the OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus has been a rising force in the smartphone industry, building up the momentum required to challenge Samsung and Apple at the top of the market. While early OnePlus devices were known as ‘flagship killers’, the 8 Pro is a flagship in its own right that arguably offers better value than the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and the iPhone 11 Pro.

Of course, a device of this nature, which can encourage owners to shell out upwards of £50 a month, depending on the contract, excels in most departments. One of those departments for the 8 Pro is streaming. With a 6.78-inch fluid display, HDR10+ support, and QHD resolution, the 8 Pro absolutely delivers by allowing users to lose themselves in high-quality video.

The 8 Pro provides a 120Hz refresh rate that keeps graphics running seamlessly, an impressive figure which outstrips competitors. The screen fares well when it comes to brightness and colours. While the supposed maximum brightness of 1,300 nits might be an excessive claim on the part of OnePlus, that QHD resolution with its 3168×1440 pixels won’t leave you feeling short-changed. The device’s high colour accuracy also contributes to its immersive qualities when streaming.

Plenty of power in the 8 Pro

The 4,510mAh battery is OnePlus’ largest yet and scores favourably to its rivals, delivering slightly more power than the 4,500mAh cell in the S20 Plus. As for Apple’s latest flagship device, the 11 Pro technical specs reveal that the latest iPhone can facilitate streamed video playback for up to 12 hours. The OnePlus’ battery performs well strongly in comparison, with GSMArena’s thorough review of the smartphone establishing that the device can handle over 14 hours of video playback while operating at that hallowed 12oHz refresh rate.

This means that Apple owners are stuck reaching for their charger more often than their OnePlus contemporaries. If you’re embarking on a marathon streaming session, you can be confident that a fully-charged 8 Pro will meet your needs with ease (that is unless you plan on watching an entire series of 24 in one sitting).

It’s refreshing that maintaining battery life doesn’t come with a compromise in streaming quality. As part of TechRadar’s 4.5/5 review of the device, the team ran a 90-minute video in Full HD. In this scenario, the phone lost just 10% of its charge, so you don’t have to feel guilty about draining your battery on streaming while out and about.

The 8 Pro is also the perfect smartphone for someone who uses Android apps to make video calls, with the screen quality making it feel like you’re actually having a face-to-face conversation. If you’re looking for a smartphone that can act as a portal to the worlds of television, online casino, and sport, then you can’t do better than the streaming power of the OnePlus 8 Pro.