The Technological Advancements that brings the Gaming Industry to the next level

The gaming industry will always go hand-in-hand with technology when it comes to improving the gaming experience of players from all over the world. Be it for console or PC gaming, technology will always have something to do with taking things to the next level.

Even the gambling industry is positively affected by technology. Casino games nowadays are no longer plain and boring. The best pokies app and other online casino sites now offer traditional casino games and its different varieties. It’s just so hard to get bored with gaming nowadays.

So how has technology improved the overall gaming experience of players and what role does it play when it comes to taking the games that you love to the next level? Well, here are the technological advancements that have helped the gaming industry improve tremendously.

  • Virtual and Augmented Technology

VR and AR gaming is just the norm nowadays with many brands releasing VR devices and many companies developing games that are playable with VR and AR devices. In 2016, Oculus released its first commercially available VR device and since then, the public is just interested in this kind of gaming.

For VR gaming, games like Beat Saber, No Man’s Sky, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, and Elite Dangerous is a few popular games that people enjoy. Meanwhile, AR games like Pokemon Go and Ingress are still the favorites of many.

Many are saying that both technologies may very well be the future of gaming. After all, people are always looking for a trace of reality whenever they play their games. If not, they are looking to experience the world of fantasy in reality, and thanks to both technologies, these are all now possible.

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence of AI in gaming is used to generate responsive, adaptive, or basically, intelligent and human-like behaviors. This is primarily used for non-player characters. It has always been a part of the gaming industry since the 1950s, AI technology has significantly improved over the years.

Your gameplay has become more realistic and enjoyable because of this. Just think of the other characters you interact with on the games that you play. They have personalized responses based on your movements and decisions and this is all thanks to artificial intelligence.

  • Graphics and Display

Think of the old-school games that we still love like Pacman and King Kong. These are generally called arcade games and this is how all games look like back in the day. Until PlayStation and Xbox came into the picture. PS1 games back in the day were already revolutionary when it comes to graphics and display, but just take a look at how games are nowadays.

Sometimes, people only purchase games because of how attractive the graphics and displays are. The more realistic the game looks, the better it is. Games like Hitman 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fallout 4, and Far Cry 5 are the favorites of many when it comes to graphics.

  • Wearable Gaming

Wearable gaming basically means any gaming devices that you can wear or use to manipulate the game you’re playing. This includes VR devices and sensors that you wear when you play games. This has always been revolutionary for the gaming industry. You get your character to move the same way as you do and who wouldn’t want that?

It’s a great way to incorporate reality into the games that you play. The wearables can range from any devices or equipment that you can wear as vests, helmets, and bands that have sensors. These sensors will help transport your body movements to the screen or to the character that you are playing.

  • Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is also now seen as the future of gaming. Everything seems to be mobile nowadays and it is estimated that over 4 billion people own a mobile device. This automatically proves that the mobile market is big and it just makes a lot of sense as to why the gaming industry would also penetrate it.

Right now, many consoles or computer games have already gone mobile like PUBG, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and The Sims. These game staples are also doing good when it comes to the number of downloads online. This just shows how many people are actually playing mobile games nowadays.

Smartphones, in particular, have become so advanced that having 3D graphics on mobile games is now the norm. You can check out games like Dragon Raja and Call of Duty Mobile to know what we’re talking about.