Three Ways to Make Sure Your Business Rates Higher in Search Results

Brick and mortar businesses recognize the advantage of search engine optimization of their digital presence. Appearing in the first results of any search engine is highly sought by companies of all sizes since it significantly increases traffic and leads to their site in an organic way. What makes it so desirable in contrast to paid ads is its long-term effect, rather than having an initial burst of visitors that fizzles in a couple of months. The best part is your site may not require major changes to start ranking higher on people’s searches. The following guide gives you 3 ways to make sure your business rates higher in search results.

Before Starting: Audit Your Site’s Current SEO State

Before making any changes to your company’s site, you must understand its current ranking in search engines in its current state. Some business owners think only keywords play a crucial role in the company’s blog visibility. In reality, the algorithm also evaluates how the content has been optimized in other areas. It’s also worth looking into what efforts have been made to improve the experience for users with physical or cognitive impairments when they’re navigating the site with assistive tools or by themselves. The more accessible your site is to browse, the more likely people will stay to see what you have to offer. Things like the site’s loading times, how intuitive it is to access the content, whether the user can easily reach what they’re looking for in less than three clicks, and other less obvious variables will also heavily affect the site’s rankability. Having a clear idea of what’s already on the website will help you understand your company’s weakest areas. 

Create A Complete Business Profile

Local businesses take advantage of search engine listings by completing their online profile when people search for a specific service. Most people use Google as their default search engine, and the platform offers a feature called Business Profile to allow companies to claim their names and fill every section as they see fit. Therefore, you must ensure that you give your contact information, showcase your products and services, answer any question users ask about your company, and respond to reviews through the same canal. Maintaining an active presence through this medium whenever people input specific keywords will help you scale up the ranks allowing you to appear in location-sensitive searches.

Produce Unique And Useful Content

Most companies have blogs on their websites to publish and share content relevant to their industry. However, one of the most common mistakes is to think of these posts as another marketing tool rather than offering actual useful information for the reader. The team at Excite Media’s SEO services remark on the importance of producing and sharing relevant material important to the user to start ranking higher in search engines rather than focusing on what the company thinks is appropriate. Otherwise, you are giving your competitors a better chance at receiving the search engines’ spotlight if they’re delivering what users are looking for when typing a question or inquiry in the search box. Try your best to give your content an original and unique spin to catch people’s attention, even if they’re not looking to convert to your company.

Promote Your Content Through Your Platforms

Your company more than likely has different social media accounts as a multipurpose tool for a two-way communication line with your customers and showcasing your services or products to your target audience. Using these established canals to share your blog posts is a good way to get people’s attention to your site, keeping in mind that you’re not delivering a forced message. Today, being transparent with your company’s purpose and interacting with others in the digital ecosystem requires an authentic effort to collaborate with something relevant to the discussion rather than convert everyone into a first-time client. Otherwise, your social media presence will come off as fake and branded, losing people’s trust in your credibility even if your content is polished and filled with accurate information.

Looking through your website and improving every element possible to rank higher in search engine results is a time-consuming job for small companies. However, if you understand the impact and urgency of implementing search engine optimizations today to support your company’s long-term goals, reworking your site from the bottom up will soon become a top priority. Even if you don’t see the results immediately, the benefits of these simple changes significantly impact the company’s growth and presence for the better.

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