Five Tips to Boost Ubuntu Performance

Ubuntu is known to be fast and reliable for most tasks! But sometimes one filthy application does get it to hog down and break down…

Damn, you urgently want to run that app! There are two ways out- speed up the app or speed up your OS! In this article, we’re gonna cover the latter! So here are five ways to run Ubuntu faster than ever before:-

1. Disable Visual Effects – The first tip is going to be a classic one. Disable all visual effects in Ubuntu to free up memory and boost performance! As simple as pie! To do this, either go to System>Preferences>Appearance or right click on the desktop and click, Change Desktop Background. Both will open up the Appearance Preferences Window. Now click on the Visual Effects tab. Change the setting to None and save it!

2. Disable Unity – For me, Unity has no effective use and because of its dependence on Compiz for its functionality, it is resource heavy. And when the default GNOME in Ubuntu is beautiful, who wants it? So just disable it by logging out and selecting Ubuntu Classic from the menu, before entering your password.

3. Remove Startup Applications– The idea is quite simple. Fewer apps, faster boots! So just disable the applications you no longer use or never used on your PC from booting up. To do that go to Systems>Preferences>Startup Applications and uncheck the ones you don’t use.

4. Install Preload – Preload is a genius app. It monitors applications that users run, and by analyzing this data, predicts what applications users might run, and fetches those binaries and their dependencies into memory for faster startup times. To install it, type sudo apt-get install preload in terminal or install through synaptic package manager. And all done!! More info on this page.

5. Install Ubuntu Tweak- Ubuntu Tweak gives you great control over your OS and allows you to modify many parameters, that lead to better performance. It is a must install for every user out there. Its benefits are endless, and you’ll come to know as time moves. Visit this page to know more!

These five steps will give a boost to your Ubuntu PC, for sure. So get along breezing with the Linux For Human Beings!! know more?? Please Comment!

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