Tonor T20 Microphone Stand Review – Full Value and Functionality

The Tonor T20 is a microphone stand which can be mounted directly onto your desk using a clamp. It’s fully adjustable and has a boom arm that’s split into two sections allowing you to reposition the mic as you see fit. The Tonor T20 has all the makings of a perfect, cost-effective stand, making it ideal for a streamer, gamer, musician, YouTuber, or for anyone who requires having a microphone mounted up. Read on to find out more about the microphone stand in this review.

Build & Design

The Tonor T20 microphone stand features a flexible arm that can be mounted onto desks. The boom arm is split into two sections so you can adjust the position of your mic as per your needs. The lower arm can rotate 360-degrees horizontally, while the upper arm can extend vertically up to 180 degrees. Meanwhile, the end that connects to the microphone clip can similarly move 270-degrees to move the mic up or down. All in all, the stand is well built and looks good too.


The Tonor T20 is relatively easy to set up and install. Just clamp the base onto your desk. Then, the arm can be attached while the microphone can be placed on the clip. Now, you can adjust the arm and mic so they can be where you want them to be. The arm features a cylindrical metal round that slips down into the base. The lower section of the arm features three steel rods instead of the two rods that most arms have, while the upper part has two. The company says that the stand features high-quality and durable steel, and they certainly seem plenty robust to me. The entire clamping mechanism seems super strong as well, which means the T20 can even support heavy mics. The arm makes it so much easier to use my microphone. I currently use it for gaming, when I want to use it, I can pull it up to my face and then collapse it when not in use.


The stand delivers when it comes to everyday usage. To begin with, it offers excellent bearing capacity and takes loads up to 1.8kg, which makes it ideal for heavy mics. It feels sturdy and attaches to the desk without any hassle. Besides, the way the stand sits at the base makes it very easy for the arm to be rotated in any direction. You have a full 360-degree rotation on the stand, and it moves freely without making any noise. The Tonor T20 supports the likes of Blue Snowball and Blue Yeti, and it holds my Yeti perfectly without wanting to fall on its own or anything. Besides, it also comes with a pop filter which helps negate popping or screeching sounds while recording. The included cable ties also make cable management very easy.


  • Sturdy and Flexible
  • Cost-effective
  • Multiple accessories included


  • Arm length a tad small

Wrap Up

A good stand can make a massive difference to the audio quality that you capture from your microphone – and the Tonor T20 certainly lives up that. It’s a product that I would suggest to every content creator, be it broadcasters, gamers, podcasters, or musicians. Priced at $37.99, it’s the perfect blend of value and functionality. It’s robust yet flexible. Overall, it’s a great product and offers impressive value considering you get all the accessories too.