7 Best Tools to Check the Website Loading Speed

7 Best Tools to Check the Website Loading Speed

The speed with which the website loads the content on its web is called as website loading speed. Loading time is one of the most important factors for websites/blogs which “as the users” always love to view fast loading websites/blog instead of slow loading websites that which tests their patience. Loading the content in your website/blog comes into main consideration for better SEO and designing the search engine friendly website/blog. In this post, I am sharing some of the best tools to check the website loading speed.

Today even search engines like Google consider speed as one of the parameters while considering search rankings. Webmasters work hard to improve the loading time of the websites/blogs. Some factors can slow down the loading speed, they are- hosting server, CSS, images, and animations, JavaScript files, the bandwidth being used for accessing the website, location of the server etc.

Best Tools to Check the Website Loading Speed

Most bloggers and webmasters today are using below tools to check their website loading speed. You can use the following tools to verify the speed of loading the content in your website/blog.

iwebtool Speed Test

This is a Genuine Tool to test our Website/blog’s loading time and at the same time, it will also show the results of “comparison with other sites”. It provides free tools for use like domain lookup, index checker, page rank checker, HTML optimizer and website speed checker.

To verify the speed you have to enter the Domain address in the text box and click on check button. If there are multiple websites to check then every Domain address should be entered in a new line. You can enter about 10 websites to check out their loading time and the average speed per KB. The website will display “load time” and “Average speed per KB” for all the websites.

Web Page Test

This page provides a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe using real browsers and at real consumer connection speeds. Once you submit your Domain address, it will first show the load time in seconds and another table will show you the total time taken to display the whole page with the page’s size in bytes.

You can run a simple test as well as complex test with advanced performance including the multi-step transaction, video capturing, content blocking etc. The result will contain resource loading waterfall charts, Page Speed optimization checks and suggestions for improvements. They also discuss the web performance optimization in the forums tab in that page.

Web Tool Hub

This tool displays the loading time in seconds and also seconds per KB. It also shows the estimated time for individuals in your webpage like JavaScript and images. The web tools team and staff are continually trying to extend their service and enhance their tools. This tool also analyses the ranking position of your website. Therefore this is one of the efficient tools for speed calculation and to know the ranking position of your site/blog.

Webslug Site Loading Time Test

Webslug is a way of identifying potential problems with your website’s performance. This is an analyzing tool which helps you to analyze the loading speed and also compares with another website. They provide you with two separate columns to enter domain address of the website to compare the loading speed.

It measures the exact loading time of webpage in the sense of the user viewing your Website. The performance verified by this site are

  • Network performance
  • Application performance
  • Frontend performance.

Pingdom Tools

This is also a free tool to check the loading speed of your website/Blog. It verifies all other aspects of your page too.  It even includes the objects like images, CSS, flash files, JS, Frames as well. The procedure is as follows- enter the domain URL of your website and then press “test now”.

The result will be displayed in an HTML page which will include a list of objects like Flash, JavaScript’s, images and CSS etc. This website also displays the load time of each individual object visually in the form of time bars. This is one of the best speed testing tools. Its probably among the popular of all the best tools to check the website loading speed tools.

Submit Plus Tools

Submit tool application is one free tool application that helps you to verify the loading speed of your website. It also verifies the component like modem speed and advertisements. This guides us to test various aspects such as images, CSS, Flash Files, Modem speed, Ads. This site takes 60 seconds to display the results.

Submit Plus offers a comprehensive package designed to place your website at the top of the pack, permanently and economically.

Up Trend Tools

This site also checks the loading speed of Your HTML page including all aspects such as images, frames, CSS, Flash, RSS and JS files. The full HTML page-test tool will analyze the page and download all the objects, displaying the corresponding load times, the object sizes and indications of missing objects, including content from third-party suppliers such as advertisements.

Every object name and their respective time bar (loading time) will be displayed. The Domain URL, checkpoint, and the code is to be entered, then click on “start test”. The result will be displayed in the above-given format.

Though there are so many tools to check the loading speed of the website, the result of every tool is not guaranteed and is not accurate. So this simply means that the result of every site differs from each other. But being as a blogger, I am sure that these will be the Best Tools to Check the Website Loading Spee to choose among. Hence we can only get the appropriate results for the following test.