Top 10 Facebook Games to Play


Facebook, being the most popular social networking site with user from all over the globe, hosts the one of the largest online gaming arenas. Facebook critics were initially skeptical about the success of gaming on Facebook, but the statistics of present Facebook game lover have proved them wrong. One of the reasons for which Facebook gets their users stuck to their site whole day and night – is gaming. Also the most popular games which are found on Facebook, have a trend of promoting the social aspects more than just being some time pass attractions which go away in few days.


Now, let’s talk about the top 10 Facebook games and by “Top” we count in terms of popularity.

1. FarmVille


FarmVille is the best and most popular Facebook game. It attracts millions of users every day. The game is all about learning various farm management methods in different stages.  In this game player can earn money by growing and selling crops and buy additional farming tools to create a bigger firm. This can be termed as an educational game as kids too can learn various things from it.

2. Mafia Wars

mafia wars

This is a game developed mostly for adults. Mafia Wars had a slow start when first launched in Facebook but later it became a huge hit. Players need to form their own mafia groups in this game to finish several missions.  It’s available for free in Facebook but its advanced and paid version can be also found in market.

3. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

Huge fan following of PC and mobile versions of the Bejeweled Blitz, has forced its developers to introduce this game in Facebook. Rules of playing this game remained almost similar in all versions but in Facebook players can play against their friends only.

4. City Ville

City Ville

It is yet another city based game. City Ville is also a success story from the makers of Farm Ville. Here, players create their own cities from the scratch and maintain them properly to keep the city dwellers happy. This is a fun game but its teaching aspects cannot be ignored.

5. Zynga Poker

Zynga Poker

Poker has always been a popular game among people. So Zynga attracts millions of players every day. It allows players to learn the game and play it with fake points or money. The secret behind growing popularity of this game is that player’s rank is updated in his Facebook profile.

6. Restaurant City

Restaurant City

It’s a business oriented well planned game. It’s all about running a restaurant successfully. It’s a high raked fun game in Facebook. Beside this, it also helps players to learn some business tricks too.

7. Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga

Players create their own ninjas to fight with ninjas prepared by their Facebook friends. This game is an ultimate hit ever since it was introduced in Facebook. It has wonderful graphics and video frames that give it a real life appearance.

8. Car Town

Car Town

Car Town is just like any other online racing game with a lot of additional features. Players can earn money by wining car races in this game. This one is just perfect for kids and enthusiasts.

9. Pet Ville

Pet Ville

It’s similar to its competing game, Pet Society. It’s very popular among young Facebook users. Players have to take care of their pets as pet owners in it. It’s a high ranking game in Facebook.

10. Frontier Ville

Frontier Ville

This game is based on realities of life. Players build their own firms, rear cattle and do various other things for living. This is fun game with things to learn for surviving in real life.

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