Top 10 Social Networking Websites For Women


In the last few years the popularity of the social networking sites has grown by leaps and bounds. These websites has given the web users the chance to find like-minded people online and share their views with them easily. People from literally all age groups are getting increasingly addicted to the social networking websites, as statistics indicate.

These websites are evolving with time to cater to the changing need of the users. The number of category specific social networking web sites is also on the rise. Nowadays, it is possible to come across such websites meant for typical community, profession or location etc. There are some women centric social networking websites as well and they address the diverse needs of the women.

10. Among the most notable women centric social media websites, iVillage deserves a mention. It is regarded as an online destination for contributing content on topics like fashion, beauty and health etc. It offers women the options to create online profiles and upload media contents like images and video. There is a dedicated section for wedding related content in this website.

9. A lot of younger women prefer the social networking website TeamSugar. This is a web based destination for them where they can share gossips and tips on shopping, recipes and beauty. This website also offers some attractive online games. The subscribers of this website can choose from a plethora of sections on wedding, technology, career and entertainment etc.

8. The married women looking for a suitable social networking destination will find the website Kaboose ideal. This website is targeted at family women and the users can expect to find useful resource on topics like parenting and pregnancy in it. Interestingly, it has a section named ‘Just for Moms’.


7. For the mothers looking for an online forum to discuss issues related to parenting, CafeMom is recommended. This women centric social networking website was launched in 2006. Now it has over a million members. It offers ample groups for the members and sharing stories with others is a cakewalk for the users.


6. AOL Women caters to the need of the women who love to interact with others on subjects like health, fashion and even horoscope. The website’s UK version offers a dedicated chat and community segment for the users. This website offers women the options for publishing blogs and posting their images etc.

5. Another prominent social networking website targeted at mothers, ClubMom has a huge number of users. This website however has sections meant for teenage women too. The ClubMom Rewards program is its USP.

4 & 3. There is a number of social networking websites meant for women entrepreneurs as well. Two such instances are Ladies Who Launch and Women Owned. The former offers resources on successful female entrepreneurs and tips for following their footsteps. Women Owned is an online resource for women starting their ventures.

2. Minti is another social networking website for women interested in sharing parenting tips and ideas with others. This website has various sections related to parenting and bringing up children. The articles submitted to this site get ratings from fellow members.


1. The mothers who want to share parenting tips and resources with other parents will find the social networking website named ParentsConnect useful. It has sections dedicated to various parenting activities.

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