Top 3 Twitter Tools To Search Keywords And Gain Followers

If you have an account with Twitter, you know about followers. Not only do you learn a lot from your followers, it is fun to have them around so that you can talk to them about anything you want. But then, would you want to talk about just anything or about things you like? Would you prefer random followers or followers that are interested in what you say? You can make new followers by starting or joining their conversation, by showing off you are good at what they are talking about. All you need to know is who all would be interested in listening to you. This is where Twitter search tools come in. This article talks about three Twitter tools to search keywords so that you can find out people interested in things that you like too. Using these tools, you can start or join conversations on Twitter to make new followers.

We will not talk about the default Twitter search as I never found it reliable. These are third party tools – not affiliated with Twitter – but still provide a good integration with Twitter API to fetch you tweets related to the keywords you provide them.

Inbox-Q – Answer Questions To Make New Followers

Inbox-Q comes as an extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. When you first go to their website, they will ask you to create a campaign by entering keywords into a text box present on their start page. Keywords are the words or phrases related to your interests – things that you will like to talk about on Twitter. After entering the keywords – one keyword per line – you can click on Preview Questions to see what type of tweets appear for you. If you are satisfied you can save campaign or else go back to change the keywords.

After saving the campaign, Inbox-Q asks you to install extension for either Chrome or Firefox. It takes a minute or two to install the extension. Then comes the unnecessary part (they need to eliminate this step): You will again be asked to create a campaign in the extension. Repeat with the keywords you used earlier. If you wish, you can add more campaigns with other keywords. Whenever you feel like talking, just click on the extension to view new questions, questions that you have answered, your active campaigns and list of questions that you have marked as To-Do. The To-Do feature allows you to mark and save tweets so that you can answer them later.

Inbox-Q Extension on Chrome


If you are into brand marketing, you can make good use of this tool to see what people are saying about your brand. You can also use this tool to provide customer service on Twitter and increase Twitter followser.

Twilert – Delivers Tweets To Your Inbox

Twilert allows you to create different search campaigns and delivers results to your email inbox. You can set up alerts using search keywords. You can combine multiple keywords using OR operators. For example abc OR xyz will return tweets that contain either abc or xyz.

The best thing about Twilert is that you do not need to start talking rightaway. Since the tweets are mailed to you as scheduled, you can contact people when you are free. Overall, it is a good tool to check out who all are interested in your keywords. You can use this to increase your following as well as for your business.

Twazzup – More Than Just Tweets

Twazzup is a nice tool that displays three columns after you enter your keywords. If you wish to enter more than one keyword, use a comma as separator. The first column shows you a community box (you would want to follow these people). The community box can again be sorted by most active, latest, and all influencers. These are the people who are talking about the keywords you have entered. The second column pulls up articles related to your keywords from the links that have been tweeted by others. The third column shows you tweets that contain your keywords. You can choose to use this tool to keep a tab on happenings, to make new friends and to strike up conversations.

There are many more Twitter tools to search keywords and thereby, to gain followers. I listed only the ones I came across. If you have any favorite, please share with us.

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