Top 4 Apps for Stock Trading Beginners

Stock trading has been picking up pace as an investment over the past few years. On seeing the profits that can be made from this activity, many people around the world are considering joining the bandwagon. The truth, however, is that there is a lot of information about stock trading still not known by many people out there. Thanks to technology, even the greenest newbie can start trading from day one with the help of stock trading apps. Most of these apps are designed to provide insights and tips that help maximize gains and minimize losses.

If you are looking forward to leveling up your investment as a beginner in stock trading, here are four apps you should know about. 

1. Titan Invest 

This is one of the top apps for stock trading that have been tailored to orient beginners into the market. Titan Invest only entered the market recently (in 2018), but it uses new tech and methods meant to make the trading experience for beginners both informative and productive. As reviewed at, the app features a robo-advising structure and a team available to assist you through any trading-related challenges you may face. Users are supplied with tips, resources, and data from heavy expert research to help them get started and maximize their trading returns.

One other unique feature about the app is that TI doesn’t invest in many companies, unlike most other stock trading platforms. They instead invest in only 20 single stocks each. As claimed, the strategy has so far enabled Titan Invest to outperform most of their competitors. What’s more, you only need a minimum investment of $100 to start trading. These are just a few of the various features that make this app suitable for beginners.

2. Stash 

Stash is the other app that has these good deals for beginners. To begin with, the app allows you to start trading with as low as $5. The lowered amount allows beginners to test the waters of stock trading and decide if it will really work for them. As a beginner, you may not know what companies to invest in. The app allows its users to create a plan that conforms to their goals and then choose the companies they would wish to invest in. The fees for investing in this platform are also on the lower side low, which means you can make more while using very little or you can start with $1000 investing. They have also availed several materials online to make sure their clients are always kept in the loop with what’s happening in the world of stock trade.

3. E*Trade

As a financial corporation, E-Trade has gained massive popularity among traders over the years. This is mainly because they offer a variety of services, including trading, investing, banking, and research. The platform is considered one of the best, especially for beginner traders, thanks to the multiple features and services availed to the users. They also have an educational platform meant to keep users informed and updated of any developments in the stock trading market. This is not to mention a strong security system that ensures user information is well protected from information fraud and other cybercrimes.

The app also has no commissions for online stock or ETF investments. It however includes a $25 fee for broker-assisted trades. The mobile app is also compatible with the Apple Watch, ensuring that clients are always following up on their investments on a needs-to basis. The platform may lack Forex and international trading, but it is generally one of the best apps for beginners.

4. Fidelity 

As a stock trading newbie, you need an app that has been in the business long enough. This way, you are sure to get all the learning and training you need from the experts. Fidelity boasts years of trading experience alongside a bunch of top-shelf features integrated into it. The diversity of currency and user-friendliness allowed  are among the reasons it appears on this list of stock trading apps beginners can use comfortably. Its effectiveness in long-term investments is one of the keys to its success over the past 7 decades and counting.

The app also has a partner called Fidelity Spire, which allows users to make both short-term and long-term investments. Its excellent customer service will leave even the newest member as informed as the rest. The app also allows commission-free trading, thus maximizing the profits its clients make. Its recommendation by CNBC makes it one of the most trusted platforms globally.

If you are looking to get some experience in stock trading, you need to begin with an app that offers materials that promote your learning experience. Investing in trustworthy platforms will help minimize your risk and maximize your gains. While embarking on the journey to becoming a successful stock trader, the above-mentioned apps are worth looking into.

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